Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tera Bites by Rora

Use the left and right keys to move Tera.
Use the up key to make her jump.
Use the left, right, up, and down keys to make her swim in water.

Click the flag to start!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dragon Castles

Use the arrow keys to maneuver Dragon.
"A" and "S" breathe fire left or right, respectively.
10 "kills" triggers dragon 2
25 "kills" triggers dragon 3
50 "kills" triggers dragon 4
100 "kills" triggers dragon 5
200 "kills" triggers Final Level.
Final level continues till "game over"

High score triggers victory page, all other scores trigger fail page.

That's it! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Red, White and Blue

Last night I was sitting at a deli eating a delicious sandwich when a man walked into the shop and up to the counter. The cashier was delivering an order to a mother and her two ruckus children and had not seen the new patron. The two sandwich makers were busy grinding through orders and also didn’t notice the man at the counter. He stood there, staring angrily at the girl making sandwiches for about 10 seconds. When she noticed him she said "hello," and informed him the cashier would be right back to take the order.
“Too late!” The man barked at the girl, before storming out of the deli in a tantrum.
Little did that man, or anyone else is that deli including myself, know that much more important things were happening at that very moment in the world. A debate had rounded the globe in a time frame that few events short of the death of Bin Laden have managed to achieve.
Blue & black or white & gold? The world was captivated by a dress that appear one way to some people and completely different to others. It’s hard to say why the interwebs were so taken aback by this optical illusion, but in the few hours I had stepped away from the internet it had taken over.
In case you care I can only see White and Gold and have no idea how anyone sees anything differently. 
Facebook walls were smeared in pictures of the dress in question, along with hashtags ‪#‎TeamBlueandBlack‬ ‪#‎TeamWhiteandGold‬. It was another viral sensation that had little explanation but had already leaked into the mainstream media and seemed to be the only thing on anyones mind, save for black and white llamas.
I actually am sad I missed this story when it was happening live. Stupid work always getting in the way of fun! (video)
But something else stuck out to me. The swell of anger and resentment towards the dress. Somehow hating the idea of the optical illusion that most seemed amused by became its own cult, ‪#‎TeamWhoCares‬. Why was such apathy touted so vehemently. A lot of people don’t care that Kendal Jenner bought a $2.3million house, or which football team has the most sexual assault cases outstanding, but few step up to express their apathy. Soon my feed went from simple fun of people enjoying a silly moment with friends, family and strangers around the country and world to a series of anger fueled comments about how annoying the whole thing was.
People spouting off about how there are more important things to care about in the world, as if the 30 seconds an individual spent looking at and posting about a dress would have been used to cure the worlds ailments.Why can’t we just allow the world to have a little fun, to all join together in a moment, a joke with no victims and nothing to take offense to? Why must we go out of our way to be spoil sports simply because we had to see a picture of a dress 7 times on our newsfeed or because we had to wait 10 seconds for a guy to take our sandwich order?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Real College Tips

For millions of high school seniors the next few months will be filled with stress and anxiety as they make their final push towards getting into college. The summer months will be filled with orientations, class scheduling along with the excitement of finding living arrangements and buying new school supplies. Soon they will take off to different corners of the nation where they will meet new people, find out a lot about themselves, and a good portion will move home after, or even during, the first semester.
There are a plethora of articles about how to approach ones first year of college, most of these articles are written by some middle aged writer and has little to do with those walking through their University Gates. And you know what these articles are going to say, "get good grades, do an internship, network network network, volunteer...," you get the point, you've probably read the articles. While their advice is certainly accurate and should be taken seriously, you already knew it all, because it's the same shit that has been shoved down your throat you entire life by teachers, families and counselors. 
What I am hear to do is give some "REAL" tips for college, the stuff that few people write about, the decisions that will not only change what you are but who you are, and to do that you are going to need your comfort zone, and definitely your childhood bedroom...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Your Party Flopped

The holidays have come to an end and undoubtedly you attended a wide range of parties over the past month or so. Some of these parties were amazing, but most of these were just "meh." Why is it that so many parties fail while a distinct few succeed in glorious fashion?

Where's The Bar?

How many restaurants or clubs have you been to where you walk in and find it difficult to locate the bar? I predict the answer is none, and that if you thought of one, that place is no longer in business. Now, how many parties have you been to where you have to ask, "where are the drinks," this number is probably significantly higher.
I managed to leave out, "don't litter your couch with hunting trophies."

The bar is a social hot spot, this is where a whole mess of spontaneous social interaction takes place. So why is it that when we have a house party we hide the drinks? The drink table should be placed in a centralized location, which will elicit the most traffic and effectively force mingling. Also, assigning someone to be a bartender for at least the opening of the night will exponentially increase the bars social stimulating significance. But first...