Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bill Bryson Books and the order I read them (because you know you care)

It all began with...

 My mother bought me this book before I studied in Rome in 2006. At the time I was not much for reading and adding more reading on top of my college lists seemed just cruel, so I read the chapters about places I would be traveling too, mainly the places in Italy, and the places that I really want to go, I skipped most of the rest...
Three years later (almost to the date) I found Neither Here nor There in a desk drawer, being bored I began to read and instantly I was captivated. My tours of Europe slowly fading from my memories as I realized that being adult meant not enjoy any of the wonders of the world but staring mindlessly at walls for 1/3 of the remainder of my life, for the first time in, well maybe first time ever, Bryson's book capture my attention and within three days I had finished the book.
I was not hooked yet, the book was great but as summer took over and being outside seemed more effective way to spend my time, Bill Bryson soon left my thoughts. One rainy day though I was looking through some books attempting to find "Weird Places Pennsylvania," I stumbled across...

This book is not a travel book by Bryson but rather a book about his life growing up in Iowa. This book is what hooked me to Bryson. Had it not been for Neither Here nor There I would have never gave this book a second glance but had my mom not had this book just lying around my entire life would have panned out differently since that day.

Side note: If your thinking "ok, so obviously your mom liked Bill Bryson novels," you would be mistaken, well not mistaken per se, but she never read either of these titles, she just happened to be unwittingly pimping Bryson out to me, or maybe she was in cahoots with the author to help finance one of his children through college with his royalties from my purchases...we'll never know

...(by "I bought" I of course me B! bought for me) A semi-travel book about Bryson's trek along the Appalachian Trail, if you read this book or Neither Here nor There something will become abundantly clear to you, I hope so anyways.
I didn't even finish that book when I dove into what may be Bryson's most informative book, hell it may just be the most informative history book ever, I'm talking this thing is curriculum worthy.

This book took awhile to finish (possibly due in part to reading it while I was finishing up my college classes so my focus was split at the time between 17 different projects), it's an extensive read but every page you learn something new, seriously go grab a copy and read one page, any page and you'll be smarter for it.

Part I of my Bill Bryson journey


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