Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bill Bryson

Here's a nice passage from a Bill Bryson book, I don't know which one...let me google it...and google wins again, Bill Bryson-The Lost Continent: Travels in small town America.
I highly suggest reading this mans books, I mean if you enjoy learning and laughing that is, if not you can always go pick up an Us Weekly at you local news stand. All his books are great, I'm currently reading his latest release "Home."
If you want to learn more then you did in all of high-school read "A Short History of Nearly Everything." If you want to actually understand that language is not a rigid creation but rather a fluid and evolving form then read "Made In America" and/or "The Mother Tongue" (the latter here is a bit dry for a Bryson book but still incredibly informative.)
And if you want to be highly depressed about how lame and boring your life really is, read any of his travel books and enjoy the alcoholism it induces when you realize you will never be as cool as Bill Bryson.


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