Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bill Bryson...continued

After I finished the mind numbing A Short History of Nearly Everything, I took a short break from Bryson to finish up my final projects and read another author, the book was interesting but was not as logically oriented as Freakonomics (I say this because they are both about using economics to examine unconventional topics)

I'm not saying its not a good read, just that if you are interested in the topic Freakonomics is the best book I have encountered on the topic. (I'll talk about these books in a different blog)

Upon returning from school I reentered the world of Bryson with his book

about his return to America after living in Britain, I'll be honest I can't remember much about this one. But seeing as I finished it and moved on to more Bryson it was obviously a good read, and its staring at me from across the room now so maybe its worth a re-read.

The next book we come to is the book that started this whole rant, the blog post from 11/14,

This book is great, in that you will read it and hate the fact that wal-mart and strip malls rule the landscape that once offered wonders and soda fountains. I'm personally flat out depressed as to what our world has come to, I wasn't alive for the fifties but I probably belong there more then here (minus the blogging of course). This book will make you think to yourself was any of this worth it (by "this" I mean of course the urban sprawl and constant need to spend to be happy), my opinion is no, I want to go sit at a marble counter and sit on a malt. I'm crying now. So if your happy in your roll-back world with your neighborhood with no real neighbors then maybe this book isn't for you, if your a person who feels we all just got a lot less happy by getting a lot more stuff well then, by one more book.

Speaking of buying books...

I started realizing that I was pounding through a book a week, mainly because I was reading at work, and that this hobby was getting quite expensive when it dawned on me that there is this funny place that is free and lets you borrow their books, the library. That was a long and drawn out way of saying that I stopped buying Bryson books and started getting them at the library (sorry Mr. Bryson I'm poor).

The first book I picked up from the book depository was

Sunburned is one of my favorite Bryson books. I have never been to Australia, and I never had much of an urge to go (other than to achieve my life goal of going to every continent), but after reading Bryson's book I felt like jumping on an airplane and getting lost in what might be the most deadly country on Earth.

This book is a very quick read, no joke I picked it up before work one day and finished it at work that same day. So if all my ranting isn't enough and you want to give Bryson a taste try this one, not one of much humor, although the subject matter does not offer such comedy.

Another split here, because this is getting lengthy,



  1. Did you sign up for that Amazon Associates thing? I thought they pulled out of NC?????? WHAAATS GOING OOOOOOOOOON??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes but my bank is in California, so maybe that my secret but it never mentioned anything about being in NC anyways