Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bill Bryson...the end...finally

We are now coming to the climax.
After African Diary I attempted to read two Bryson books simultaneously, this may be possible but its highly confusing when you pick his two titles Made in America and The Mother Tongue, which both are about the history of the English language. When you read two books on the same topic your mind mixes the two together, so as I was reading my mind was thinking "oh yeah that's right Alexander the Great was Hanging out with Shakespeare while Charlemagne and Chaucer fought the American revolution." (non of that makes any sense and thats the point if your now convinced any of that is a fact...while I'm sorry your an idiot.)

I never finished The Mother Tongue and need to get back to that, but Made in America was awesome, and the first half of Mother Tongue is super informative, I'll tell you when I finish how the last half was.

And finally we come to Bill Bryson's latest release (I Actually bought this one because I need it that bad), At Home, this book is about the history of, quite obviously, the home and why we live the way we do and how it all became that way. As Bryson himself says it all seems so self evident that a house be design this way we forget that it was in fact designed, in a very slow and evolutionary way.

I am still reading this one, I would be finished if I didn't spend so much time writing all this stuff for you!, and it's just another one of his super informative books.
In conclusion if you want to be a smarter more informed person, Read Bryson.
If you want to be entertained and laugh, Read Bryson.
If you want to regain your youthful outlook on adventure and life, Read Bryson.

Hell just go read some of his books.
Here's some I have yet to read.

So go read Bryson.


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