Tuesday, November 23, 2010

B!'s reaction

So I know I said I would post it as soon as she got home, but I wanted my new phone so we went and got that, now I can post anywhere I damn well please. Anyways she basically walked in went "ok" and then asked wheres my live, laugh, love thing. She never told me to change the picture so it's still up, but she doesn't think it's funny!!! LIKE really, at least its cute right?

So I have still yet to see Unstoppable and neither has anyone I know...that's not usually a good sign. Tomorrow NetFlix will deliver Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!! Yes I'm excited I read that hole book in a day, when I was 21! ha...It was a good book sure that the movie will suck, I'll tell you after I see it.

Thanksgiving is coming up, like you didn't know, and we didn't bother to get a turkey till yesterday which concerns me because I'm afraid the turkey won't thaw in time, it's gonna be a close one.

It's pretty obvious that I have nothing to talk about today. So here's a picture to make you think...

I hope he gets what he deserves. STMTZ

P.S. B! came home tonight and asked for the Bunny picture to be removed, she said  "it was a funny joke, but we're not 5!", its a sad day for the pancake bunny...

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