Monday, November 22, 2010

Continuation of Have a bunny for your thoughts...

Doesn't it just look beautiful? Why'd I even ask of course it does it looks perfect!

Here's my prediction, B! will walk in and be like "What's with the bunny," me attempting to be humorous with the pun will say "I have no idea what you are talking about," then she'll call me some name and tell me to hang her Live, Laugh, Love thing up that used to be in that spot
Which is Ironic because that thing does not cause me or help me to live, laugh nor love.
But that bunny!
100% lovable
If you don't laugh your probably satan (and B! will laugh so she's not the devil, in case anyone misunderstood, she's more like the bunny actually, being that she's cute and sometimes where's food on her head, at least it smells that way...shampoo???)
and Bunnies are Alive which has "live" in it which is spelled the same as "live" which is why you just read both of those as live and live or live and live, again these are two different words, good job English couldn't just go with separate spellings or just different words, nope had to be difficult.
So having a Bunny with a Pancake improves our three "L's" more than that demanding sign, who does that decoration think he is telling me to Live, Laugh and Love I will Undead, Scowl and Hate if I so damn please, the bunny would never demand anything from me...

As a side note, this picture will probably remained framed fro eternity whether or not it remains on the wall, so someday, hopefully when I'm like 80 someone will find that picture and be like "umm, wtf!" and yet again that bunny will bring me Laughter, Love and Life.


P.S. I will change this post script (1520s, from L. post scriptum "written after,") with her reaction once she comes home, here's to hoping it stays there forever

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