Saturday, November 27, 2010

Heinz 57...

This is the 57th post of my blog and it's been fun so far, some changes are coming and some addition are coming. Nothing is going away, and we have some things that are current to explain. OK!

Is Hines Ward on the Steelers simple because they play at Heinz field? and why does blogger think Steelers is spelled wrong? for the first question I think yes perfect advertising within advertising, PURE GENIUS...for the second question, well ask blogger...

Back to the Blog.

I am starting to run out of bands to introduce you to, not for lack of underground bands but for lack of bands I like, we will continue with adding new bands or lesser known songs from bands but we are going to mix it up a bit. who's we? B! is joining the music blog team.

so some changes.
Thursday will be "Throwback Thursday" on thursdays B! will bring us a song we may have all just forgotten from our childhood, the general idea is to find songs that we all remember but that never get played on radio anymore.

Monday will become "Manic Monday" which will mostly consist of silly songs and videos, like My Horse is Amazing. Hopefully that'll make everyone's week go a little bit better.

the other days will remain the same, as in just lesser known stuff, until I figure out something else to add.

You may have already noticed some changes to the comics labeling, specifically the new label "Bad Dyno".
The pilot comic of Bad Dyno appeared awhile back...
...altogether it was positively received and inspired me to create more for the series. Don't go off on some tangent about how crudely drawn dinosaurs are overdone, I DON'T CARE....I enjoy making these comics and enjoy sharing them with the world. So expect one new comic weekly, maybe more frequently later on but for now it's going to be a weekly post.

I have been very lazy in the category and I apologize. I'm not going to promise more frequency with these cause it would just be a lie, but enjoy the Bad Dyno sketches and when I finally get around to a video, I'll post it.

My twitter updates have started to include a WOTD (Word Of The Day) I try to make this word either relevant to the day, i.e. Turkey on Thanksgiving, or just random and hopefully funny. I will include the etymology, which I find interesting and sometimes makes a word even more humorous.
Labels, I am going to start, with this post, labeling all my posts based on which category they fall into, that should make it easier to follow the segments you enjoy instead of reading through all the crap that you think sucks.

That's all


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