Thursday, November 11, 2010

I think the design phase is complete...

In an effort to not clog my followers feeds I have implemented a Two-Tier Posting Strategy (and aptly named it according to government standards of syntax).

Along the top you can now and forever will see the twitter feed. This will be used for all short thoughts, facts or another comments that come to mind (this also allows me to be even more mobile and frequent with updates).

All posts that involve more complex features (photos, music, videos, extended txt) will remain as standard blog posts.

You can follow me on twitter if you so wish to receive my nuggets of knowledge and wisdom throughout your days and can of course always follow me or "stalk me" via the subscription tools on the right.

And please link through social vibe to help "To Write Love On Her Arms," they aim to help those considering ending their life, so please help out. No more need for these headlines.

Thank You,

and here's a pic of B!'s birthday present for your enjoyment
Rose Wielding Velociraptor

So you can follow me and subscribe here are my user-names,

Twitter: STMETZ
YouTube: STMETZish

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