Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music...Houston Calls- A Short Walk Home

So I am going to be putting music up on a regular basis. The main purpose will be to put some lesser known music out there for everyone to experience. I will mainly be sticking to lesser known bands/artists in my music posts. But it is my blog and, that being said, I have every right to post some Gaga or Drake if that's what type of mood I am in (in regards to the above mentioned artists, I highly doubt they will ever be posted here because, well, I just tend to lean away from pop music). Hopefully no one will sue me for spreading the word about their music.

All the music I post here (plus some others) will be available on YouTube as well, check out my Channel {STMETZish}.and please subscribe. Danke!

Oh and if you know a band that you think I might like, tell me about them and I will listen and possibly post, so please send in your suggestions...

From now on the Music post's will look like the below, without too much rambling from me...

Here is the first entry hope you enjoy...
Houston Calls
A Short Walk Home
That is my Music post for November 9th 2010...Tomorrow is B's birthday!


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