Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving...the aftermath

Thanksgiving was delicious, and fun, by fun I mean awesome cause all I did was watch TV and cook and eat, just perfect. It all made me think, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all, why you ask?

Thanksgiving is uber-UNcommercialized, Target didn't even bother with selling any Thanksgiving decorations, not a single one, they just skipped straight from Halloween to Christmas, hell they didn't even wait till Halloween was over to start putting up Christmas stuff, seriously who shops for xmas shit in October? anyways back to Thanksgiving being the best holiday,

Thanksgiving beats out most holidays for the simple fact that most people get the day off, and almost all stores are closed, FUCK YOU WAL-MART. This simple fact puts it well ahead of most holidays. And Thanksgiving permanently falls on a Thursday, meaning that no year will it happen to fall on a weekend and subsequently mean that it doesn't add a day of vacation, what holiday has that privileged? Labor Day...oh yeah but that brings us back to having stores closed, only X-mas and Thanksgiving have that honor left. So now most people would argue x-mas is the best holiday, but I have a simple argument, x-mas is no longer about relaxing and family, its about spending way too much money and helping to bring down individuals for the benefit of big businesses, FUCK YOU TARGET AND WAL-MART and every other shitty business.

On Thanksgiving we sit down with our families and eat and relaxing and hang out, we buy simple food, that the stores sell super cheap. Thanskgiving doesn't cost loads of money and all the money we do spend goes to feeding ourselves and our loved ones, its a holiday thats still about family and food and fun, not about shopping, not about wasting money, not about how much you can spend or how fucking ridiculous you can act.
And while I know Wal-Mart was open this year and next year I'm certain Target will stay open and the trickle will continue until like 2015 when nothing closes and Thanksgiving becomes about shopping and no longer about family, its sad, but an idle day means that no one is making money and that means, well that means it needs to change, and it will, and I'm sorry, even though I have nothing to do with the downfall of the best holiday. So enjoy Thanksgiving next year more then ever and try to just hold on to what Thanksgiving really is about.

I have no pictures today so I'll add one of randomness,
Turkey God. STMTZ
I think that's a turkey god, and I drew it so I can't Imagine what you see.


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