Thursday, November 11, 2010


I figured seeing as the movie comes out today would be a good day to post about the new Denzel Washington/Tony Scott movie Unstoppable, here are some pics and a video from when I worked on the set...

 That's one of the helicopters flying over the tracks, they got much closer to the ground when filming was taking place. They were just above the power lines, I say they because there were two of them. in the picture the other one is over my head as they circled waiting for the reset to be complete.
 One of the police vehicles for the movie, that's a real cop the extra's wore a browner color uniform.
 The Porsche Cayenne with the jib arm used for all the moving sequences, they were driving this thing down an alley way at 70mph, and it was not a very big alley way at all.
Another pic of the Porsche and some lovely lens flare.
If you care to read more about the Porsche you can go here

And here's a video of the Unstoppable Train, Stopping
So I hope you enjoyed my sneak peek and hope you go out and enjoy the movie I put the trailer in my favorites on Youtube so go watch it if you've been living under a rock and managed to not see it already

In addition maybe I'll review the movie after I see it...maybe


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