Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why am I even telling you this...

This is the worst blog, that is somehow popular, ever.

I gave you the link simply so you could go verify, these girls somehow get frequently posted to, nothing I have read, 4 cnn articles and a couple things on their blog, has been remotely funny. Literally ask B!. I read their latest article on, and did not even crack a smile, twice I was confused and once I was visibly Irrate at how lame and anti-fascinating their writing is, they only time I laughed was while reading the comments posted by other readers.

I wouldn't be as mad, what am I saying yes I would I'm just generally speaking angry, if they weren't being posted on, I mean really??? Is it wrong for me to assume that their are better "humor" writers out their. I don't try to be overtly funny, I am for just saying what I'm thinking, but these girls try! and fail yet society keeps right on letting them succeed.

I'm done and I'm sorry, hopefully you will all forgive me for this rant because I brought you another conundrum. Is this a man with voluptuous breasts? Or a really ugly woman with perfect boobs? either way that's one ugly face

I shall name it Hermy. STMTZ


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