Friday, December 31, 2010

Dog Poop!

Oh, the Juveniles and their pranks, always picking on the humans. STMTZ
Can anyone figure out what movie the screen shot is from?
If so comment below and you will nothing except for my love and admiration!


Lindsey Lee-"Fall Out"

She is great, and I felt like you should all know and should see her for yourself

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bowl Games! & predictions

It's obviously that time of year when bowl games will take over the public's conscience for a week, as teams take the field across the country. I don't care about sports in general, don't watch pro football except for the superbowl, and that's mainly because I get to eat others peoples food without being considered a mooch. But college football is special to me, I love the idea that one lose in a season is all it takes to be taken out of the championship picture. I mean how can a team be crowned champions when they lost six games.
They got a 62.5% on their report card, that's failing at any school I've ever attended. STMTZ
The BCS rankings are by no means perfect, their are issues with the formulas, how else could TCU and Boise State perpetually be ranked so high, when they don't bother with, you know, actually ever playing a team anyone's heard of.
Boise State's Next Opponent, Los Angeles Motion, two-time defending champions of the NGFFL. STMTZ
At least the Motion are openly gay, unlike Mr. Likestostickshitinmensasses Here. STMTZ
Boise State did avoid the big names teams once again by losing to Nevada, but we still get to see if TCU can prove themselves versus Wisconsin, I assume not, I'd pretty happily put money on Wisconsin to dominate. Boise State mean while beat Utah, proving that they too (along with TCU) can beat a team that got crushed by a 7-5 Notre Dame team. And the whole "They beat Virginia Tech" line is a little sad when you consider the week after VT went on to lose to James Madison, by a bigger spread then to Boise. Anyway's this year we yet again get no validation on whether Boise State is any good or not, but again at least we get to see TCU play someone outside the MWC, don't know what that is, well that's ok because it's not important.
Here's to hoping TCU get's crushed
My predictions for the "REAL" Bowl game, you know the ones that haven't been played yet.
Just picking the teams no scores, cause scores don't matter only who win's matters. 
Fri., Dec. 31
Meineke Car Care Clemson Clemson vs. South Florida
Fri., Dec. 31
2 p.m.
Sun Miami Notre Dame vs. Miami (Fla.)
Fri., Dec. 31
3:30 p.m.
Liberty Georgia Central Florida vs. Georgia
Fri., Dec. 31
7:30 p.m.
Chick-fil-A South Carolina Florida State vs. South Carolina
Sat., Jan. 1
TicketCity Northwestern Northwestern vs. Texas Tech
Sat., Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Outback Penn State (duh) Penn State vs. Florida
Sat., Jan. 1
1 p.m.
Capital One Alabama Michigan State vs. Alabama
Sat., Jan. 1
1:30 p.m.
Gator Michigan Michigan vs. Mississippi State
Sat., Jan. 1
5 p.m.
Rose I think you know TCU vs. Wisconsin

Mon., Jan. 3
8:30 p.m.
Orange Stanford
Virginia Tech vs. Stanford
Tue., Jan. 4
8:30 p.m.
Sugar Arkansas
Ohio State vs. Arkansas
Mon., Jan. 10
8:30 p.m.

BCS title game

Auburn vs. Oregon


Billy Joel- It's Still Rock N Roll To Me

B!'s flight was very late so she never got around to a Throwback Thursday post, so this is a temporary one from me to hold you over till she can get a song picked out.

Love Billy Joel!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RBC bank update

In case you have no idea what's going on read this first: RBC Bank

RBC bank returned all of my money, every last penny. That is 100% the outcome I was going for and I achieved that. It doesn't make up fully for the assholishness of their employee, but hey can I blame an entire institution for the faults of their staff?

YES! because I can bitch about whatever I damn please...and if I never bitched I would have never got what I rightfully deserved, so the lesson here is to stand up for yourself, and it might work out, it's always worth a try.

They did the right thing in the end and admitted their mistake, and reimbursed me the funds, every penny. In fact they reimbursed an additional $11.95 fee I was assessed but made no fuss about.

So good job RBC, I think maybe this means we can continue our business relationship.

Plus look at how cute that lion is. STMTZ
I have tickets to a Hurricane's game at the RBC Center in March anyways... Go Sabres (that's who the Hurricane's are playing and my favorite hockey team, thus the tickets [they were an christmas present from my mom])


Whoops...Kitty Cat Dance!

So I was just informed that no Manic Mondayvideo was published, not sure why that happened but anyways its MANIC WEDNESDAY!!!

Kinda of an old and popular video, but this video defined an entire year of my adolescence so it deserves some recognition.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Grilled Stickey Buns

That's right folks, I'm making a new webcomic series, and yes I know Stickey is spell "wrong", but anyways hope you all have a good new year, expect weekly updates of both web comics.



Sunday, December 26, 2010


It's almost a new year, and with a new year comes the standard need to assume that after January 1st everything will change monumental. Like every year this will be followed in February with millions of gym cancellations and the realization that "it's really not that much different," but you'll still have to consciously force yourself to not write 2010. That is of course until March when you finally get the whole 2011 concept into your head and begin to think of where the next save point it is (hint: not till thanksgiving). March of course is just the beginning of the blur of ApMJJuAUgSeptOct and then its November again and your a year older and the government just passed some moronic legislation and the newest craze on the Internet is some rabbit foaming at the mouth while speaking in a British accent (I have no plans on making this clip so feel free to steal my idea). Then it's December and you don't know what to get anyone for Christmas your facebook friend count has increased by 10% yet the people you actually talk to is down 15%, so overall your in the red. Thank God its almost New Years so you can start anew and hope for something better in 2012.
This Goldfish has 161 friends, so that's how many friends you must deduct to get your "REAL FRIEND" total. That leaves me with 118 (still way too high). and FB deletes fake profiles, ha. STMTZ

But before we board that train lets go over what is going to "change" the world next year, and what's going to stay exactly the same.

Early in the year, Wikileaks says it will release documents on a bank. This will go according to plan and the entire main stream media will run stories on the leaked documents for a week NON-STOP. However, in the end the bank will act like they care, some people will stand up against the bank, and by the 10th day the entire world will return to what is was doing with no positive or negative outcome to speak of.

As we enter into the spring break season, we will be bombarded with stories telling us how unsafe it is to travel ANYWHERE in the world, this will continue through summer, with extreme examples played out as if they are the norm of any Americans travels abroad.
What do you think the photojournalists wife thinks when she sees pictures like this. And what about the unpublished ones, scandalous. STMTZ


Dyno-Detention. STMTZ
Told you they were sexual deviants.

Yes I know how Triceratops is spelled, well like I just spelled it. Fuck this I'm not explaining my jokes for you!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Setting Expectations Unfairly High

He is staring into your soul, so stop being such a douche. STMTZ

A poster with this message was on the wall in my 8th grade classroom, I went to Catholic school. I was unable to find the original so I had to ghetto rig this one to express my feelings on the issue. I have been stewing on this topic since I was 13, that's way too long.

I understand the point is that Jesus changed the world and that you too have the power to do so. However, going off the literature on the issue Jesus isn't just some guy who rose up against the odds, he isn't just some dude who change the world with determination and pure will. He is the son of God, I think this gives him a slight advantage in the "World Changing Ability Category,"

Here are some other examples that I made that may just be a little misleading...

What he only has 2 feet on you, pussy. STMTZ

And don't forget he did it well riding a motorcycle, ignore the physics involved in the destruction, how the fuck do you keep a bike up with one hand when you hit a hummer driving towards you at full speed? STMTZ
If your wondering what her advantage over anyone is, well your dumb, but it's millions of dollars from daddy. STMTZ

I think I'll leave it at that, the last one is a good tease for a future article involving Ms. Hilton and the like. Plus I feel like I accomplished something today, who else has ever managed to mention Yao Ming, Jesus, Paris, and Wolverine all in one article? No one I can say with some confidence, no one.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Religion Matters.

This post is not about discussing the validity of god, in whichever form you which to represent god, Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, God, Buddha, Anguta, get the point (and to anyone considering criticizing my vocabulary in describing the aforementioned deities, I know what you want to say, and I don't give a flying shit), this is an article about why I believe religion is a good thing, and if you don't want to be offended you may want to just stop reading.

Swearing in a religious commentary, Oh Heavens!
This brings me to my next point, I am saying what I feel, I will swear (cuss for you southerners) in this article, because regardless what you believe god never gives a list of bad words, and yes there is the whole “god's name in vain” thing, so maybe I should tone down the G-D's and J-C's, but seriously swearing is a way of conveying emotion.

I love chocolate cake. (what you think when you hear this: OK good for you)
I fucking love chocolate cake. (now: Shit get this motherfucker some cake ASAP).
Google Image search says there is a difference too! Surprisingly no porn for "f-ing chocolate cake".  (don't go to page two cause then the porn starts and it's gross, now your going to do it,  I'm sorry)
One last point before we dive head first into this game of everyone picking sides and telling me I'm going to burn in hell (more on that later). This post is not about one religions superiority over any other religion, from that I state that I grew up in a Presbyterian home, went to catholic school and studied Eastern Religions for my 1st B.A. In that light, I will be using "god" (lower cased) as a pronoun for any deity across all faiths and traditions, if this offends you then again please stop reading, it'll only get worse.
Now we can begin: 
So a lot of people say, "Andy why did you get a degree in Religious Studies if your agnostic."

“To perpetually disappoint my parents, of course.”

No, the real reason is I love religious history, it's the history of the world and it is essential to the fabric of society and how we, as mankind, arrived at where we are today.

“Wait you went to college for something that interested you?”

Yeah to do anything other would be like getting married because, you thought it “was about time already” or because you knocked up that chick you were dating cause you were six beers in and she was raring to go in the cracker barrel parking lot, just to leave her for the first 20 year old who comes along because you need to relive your 20's, you're a giant tool. 
Both these men were Business Majors in the game of Life.
Religion is the undisputed origin of society, without religion in at least a basic form society could not exist. If you think this is translates to “society is about to collapse,” well sorry to burst your bubble but a new religion already exists, it's a Polytheism, and it consist of tons of “idols” you have around your home or in your magazines or... I'm just preaching now and I sound like a lunatic.

This is how the origins of religion was explained to me by Rabbi Chorny (yes that is indeed c-horny get over yourself):
Man was originally afraid of the Lion, Lion was god, because the lion could kill man, then one day Zach killed the Lion, then Zach became god. Then one day Zach was Struck with lighting and God became an unseen force in the sky. The End.

If you ignored my story and it's moral and your focused on the fact that I'm not Jewish (despite the last name) but I said Rabbi, yes when you study religion (in a real college not some bible college in bum-fuck-Egypt) you tend not to study only one religion from one point of view.

If you paid attention to my parable (yes, that's right like Jesus told, infer what you want) you realize that it's a pretty simple leap of “faith” for a primitive human to make, no one would make that leap today right? (I want to poke fun at a specific fringe religion but I promised not to)

That was from a man of the cloth? Are Rabbi's considered that? They were cloths (clothes) too, don't they?

Back to the point at hand, Religion is good, there are bad/evil people who take advantage of their power over their congregation and use them for self serving purposes, YES. That does not make religion bad just as The University of Michigan isn't bad because Ted Kaczynski got his doctorate degree there. (Yes, that's a Unabomber reference).
God hates me?!? WTF! Argg... 
I won't get too deep into the whole hell issue, but to put it out there hell is a concept approached in such a diverse way that it is easy to say that if hell does exist, god has been very unclear on the issue and that your best bet is to just not be a horrible person and well read on...

We have already agreed that religion played a fundamental rule in the origins of organized society, (By “we” I of course mean me and my goldfish, who are starting to get sick of my ramblings so they may just be agreeing to shut me up), so the next step on our journey is why people would want religion to begin with.

Think about how society would manage if each individual thought about their lives in purely biological terms. The greatest success your life can be is to live long enough to reproduce, THAT'S IT! Yeah no one's building new forms of communication based on those rules to the game, thus the introduction of something more to live for. An afterlife, a promise of prosperity, maybe some virgins (imagine 100 stage 5 clingers! no one wants that, terrorists didn't think that one through, although the entire "blow myself up" concept seems kind of short sighted to begin with).

So time for a little Andy philosophy: (if you want to stay on topic skip till after Sponge Bob)

My concept of reality is that i.e. if you begin with nothing you can't create shit, not even little rabbit pellets. So my conscience (not my sense of right in wrong, but my sense of self, the only thing that tells me that I exist at all) must have existed since the beginning, especially if its determined that my conscience will live on for eternity in heaven or hell (I hope you gays are appreciative of my support, because I have a lot of explaining to do at the gate). So where was my conscience prior to being ME? I don't know just as I won't know why it's so damn hot and this goat man keeps whipping me if I end up in hell. This comes from my understanding that your afterlife self in completely unaware of your [there is no word for this state of being] self mistakes or accomplishments. Therefore although my conscience lives on he (I will forever be a man no matter what form I take including but not limited to sponge) will not know why what is happening to him is happening, good or bad, therefore could I not already be in Heaven/Hell/Purgatory? Exactly! Same with you. 
Sponge Bob is just Reincarnation Propaganda, Hinduism comin' for your kids.

Back from that little side trip. If you're exhausted I understand but look at those good christian children above and do it for them!

So religion gives people hope, and hope is good because it creates a sense of wanting to do what every religion, that has ever had more then 10 followers, preachers to its followers...


It's that simple. And in that basic form all religions are the same. The differences of language and beliefs which all conveniently correlate with societal customs of the region or tradition are all created by humans trying to convey their religious experiences to their peers. Try being Chinese and describing a “white” god to your friends when none of them have seen a white person, or try explaining to a baptist in middle America that Jesus look like a Jew, so instead of Brad Pitt imagine this guy...
He even has a snake, Jesus had a snake story right? No? Moses. Same Difference they were all related anyways.
On the topic of that kid with the Jew fro and huge nose, check this shit out

So am I saying that all the gods of all the religions around the world are just one in the same represented in different forms to reflect the values, traditions and cultures of individual communities and that all the arguing and fighting is simply the greatest case of fucked up misunderstand?

Maybe, I don't know. The title already told you I was an Agnostic, and I'm the variety that doesn't really care, if god is indeed up there he knows that I am not a horrible person, that I treat people fairly and even though I swear and get angry and support the gays and break all kinds of dogmatic rules, don't go to church and don't actively ask him for guidance that I am a good person, I am living by the rules of religion not because I read it in a book, but because I know that for society to maintain composer that I must lead by example, and that maybe I feel religion is for others but maybe I have my own relationship with god, because is god not within each of us.

Religion is simple, its not about Sunday mass, its not about quoting every verse from a book written by men, its not about being "right", it's about one thing, one thing with many names,

Community, Charity, Semblance, Friendship, Honesty, Trust, Faith, Humanity, Humbleness, Comfort, Care, People, Society, Kinship, Love....

and of course overall,


Remember when this happened Moses was kinda both a thief and a fugitive, so Mosesaurus  may be are current leader for "Baddest Dyno."

Cartman- Oh Holy Night

B! wanted this for her throwback thursday song, even though it's more manic monday, but at least its in time for Xmas, so merry christmas from B!

STMTZ and B!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tree TP

This is what happens when detention is over. STMTZ

Apparently he's also a Lakers fan, and Kobe's NOT a bad role model, yeah...


Monday, December 20, 2010

RBC Bank

So I'm currently fighting with RBC Bank about an overdraft fee I was assessed on December 6th (actually 5 fees) even though my account never went in the red and I have no minimum balance to uphold. I called Costumer Service and asked why I had been charged this fee. The man on the phone seem just as perplexed as me and said "I see nothing here that indicates you over-drafted, you will have to contact your local branch in order for them to rectify the situation." Alright that seems fair and understandable, they made a mistake and while inconvinent it's nto too much to ask fro me to go into my branch and talk to a banker.

It took a couple of days for me to get into a branch due to my work hrs being the same hours of operation of the branch, but on Thursday 12/16 I left work early to go talk to a banker. I walked in and went up to the teller and explained my situation, she opened up my account statement and repeated the sentiment of the costumer service agent on the phone. She said she couldn't see anything that would indicate an overdraft and that I would have to speak with a banker for him to be able to do anything.

Ok, I'm still here, now I'm 2 for 2 with employees agreeing with me that it looks like a bank error and that it seems like my concern is valid. So I wait in the lobby to speak with the banker, as he is with another customer. It doesn't take very long and he calls me into his office, I explain my situation and he pulls up my statement...
This is my online statement and the same statement that the banker printed out at the bank.
.After looking over the statement he too declares that something seems strange and that it doesn't appear that I ever overdrafted (you can look at the statement and decide for yourself). So he says he needs to call customer service. After talking to the women on the phone he tells me that the issue is the deposit on 12/3 for $681.41 was held and not posted to my account till 12/7. However the above statement was the same as what appeared to me on 12/6 stating I had $713.65, more than enough to make a $152.32 payment. The banker in simple terms tells me that it's not a bank error and that because the funds were held that I did overdraft. And goes on to state theirs nothing that can be done because it's not their fault.

(note: both WaMu (now chase) and First National Bank of Pennsylvania credited me back when I accidentally over-drafted my account, and in both those it was my fault 100% yet both understood it was a mistake and a one time deal (these instances were separated by about 4 years) and credited my account back after a quick phone call)

Now I lose it,

I less then calmly explain I would like to close my account with them. The banker reacts with complete apathy that he is losing a costumer, which further infuriates me, because now not only are they effectively stealing $164 from me but they just don't care that I'm even banking with them. I have to quickly retreat from my threat to close my account as I realize my direct deposit is going to post that evening. I go on a rant and explain that if I did overdraft my account and their explanation is to be understood my account should look like this...
This is what my statement should look like if RBC's account of the events is true. This is my photo-shopped version to help you visualize their explanation.
see all the negatives like you see in any other over-drafted account. If the numbers are always positive then how can you go below 0? You can't it's such an elemental truth that even asking the question makes me feel stupid. So after all my flipping out the banker tells me that he will put in a research report on it and see what he can find, and that he will contact me first thing Monday with the information he finds out.

So it's Monday, I wanted for the bankers call which never came, so I called him around noon. He said he was in a conference and hadn't been able to talk to the bank manager yet. He would call me back when he had a chance. So about 2pm my phone rings and he tells me that she (the bank manager) was on vacation and hadn't been able to go over the issue yet. It will apparently be another couple of days.

I was going to wait to publish this until the issue was resolved but I want to post it now and update you all on the proceedings.

Needless to say I have moved my banking to another bank and will cease to do business with RBC ever in the future. They are obviously more concerned with ripping me off for $164 than with providing a customer service level that would entice me to continue my relationship with them.

In regard to this matter I would like to give a shout out to both Chase Bank (formally WaMu) and First National Bank of Pennsylvania, whom both have given me exceptional customer service and have been examples of how banks should operate.


Andy Steinmetz a.k.a. Steven Katz

Drive By Insults-Christmas Massacre

Manic Monday...XMAS Edition


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thoughts and questions, maybe even answers

So I'm writing this preface long before you will read this post. The post will contain any stupid question I can think of and possibly an answer if I find one. I'm thinking I will post these in blocks of ten, but I cannot force myself to think stupid questions they must come as naturally as possible. So expect more,

1. Why are they called goldfish when most are orange? Prussian Carp, the fish which goldfish originate, have a golden appearance!
2. If nobody buys a ticket to a movie do they still show it?
 From Rick Olson (he's a manger at a theater)
                       Multiple answers here.
A.) If it is a digital projector and nobody shows up 15 minutes after the feature starts we can simply fast forward the digital movie to the end and leaving just the house light on in the theater for the duration of the movie.
B.) If it a 35mm film print, we "run it black" which means we turn off the sound, the bulb and motor the film through (since film cannot be rewound) to save electricity.
3.  Why is it called Twitter?
From the Twitter entry on Wikipedia, co-founder Jack Dorsey explains:

"We wanted to capture that in the name -- we wanted to capture that feeling: the physical sensation that you're buzzing your friend's pocket. It's like buzzing all over the world.

"So we did a bunch of name-storming, and we came up with the word 'twitch,' because the phone kind of vibrates when it moves. But 'twitch' is not a good product name because it doesn't bring up the right imagery.

"So we looked in the dictionary for words around it, and we came across the word 'twitter,' and it was just perfect. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information,' and 'chirps from birds.'

"And that's exactly what the product was."

4. Why is Pee Yellow?
The yellow color in urine is due to chemicals called urobilins. These are the breakdown products of the bile pigment bilirubin. Bilirubin is itself a breakdown product of the heme part of hemoglobin from worn-out red blood cells. Most bilirubin is partly broken down in the liver, stored in the gall bladder, broken down some more in the intestines, and excreted in the feces (its metabolites are what make feces brown), but some remains in the bloodstream to be extracted by the kidneys where, converted to urobilins, it gives urine that familiar yellow tint (
5. Do Animals commit suicide, or can they? Time News Article

This is your life- The Dust Brothers

This is your you can cry...and then, and then...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rap News 6

Pretty hysterical, or historical?


A Change

So it's becoming quite apparent that the music section of this blog is becoming overwhelming, that, coupled with me running out of music, has led me to institute a change. Throwback Thursday and Manic Monday will remain in their current form. All other music will be listed as a link to the YouTube video, unless I personally create a video and then I will post that both on YouTube and on the Blog in a post.

That should minimize the amount of videos slowing up the website load time and should also make the blog a little less cluttered with music videos.

Thank you all for stopping by and like before you can always find the music on my YouTube account (StMetzish). And I will continue to link to songs daily, as in SotD(song of the day) so enjoy...


Friday, December 17, 2010

Facebook has 500million users, and I have 279 friends

So I was listening to the radio today when they started talking about Twitter vs. Facebook. To me the whole comparison is a little apples to oranges. Twitter is not some FB wanna be, Twitter serves a purposes different then FB. Most everyone I know how uses FB spends 90%+ of their time on the site "cyberstalking" their "friends" and friends-friends, mostly its used for a voyeuristic look into some acquaintances life. Twitter is used by different people in different ways but the most common way I see is to spread information, not gossip and personal issues, but information, whether its news articles, jokes, reviews, or to just bitch out a company that was shitty to you (Groupon you suck, and on monday RBC Bank You suck too!!!).

Back to the point, the commentator was talking about how Twitter only has 200m users and FB has 500m, then they went on to say that a lot of Twitter accounts are fake or doubles or inactive so they don't even have 200m. They said nothing about the same issues with FB so I became irritated and started doing some research. Apparently it's a somewhat widely believed thing that facebook doesn't have an issue with fake accounts or that the 500m is in fact an adjusted number which accounts for the mentioned issues.

Anyone who has spent more than a little time on FB is aware their are tons of fake accounts, (random girls want to be my friend almost weekly), and I personally have a second account which is inactive, and making a fake account is well pretty fucking simple...its 9:19pm 12/17...its now 9:22pm 12/17 and here you go

3 minutes to make, and I even had to stop to make the picture. STMTZ

 Now I know I can also make a fake twitter account, hell my old one, z44gunssayhi, is still laying their dormant after almost 2 years, and I never posted anything to begin with. My point is that neither of these sites has the numbers they claim, not in real world people. A lot of accounts are dormant a lot of accounts are fake.

Some UK website made this. It shows all the friend pairing on FB around the world. STMTZ
Overall, my personal opinion is FB is on its last legs, it was just the latest in a line of sites almost identical to it, xanga, myopendiary, myspace, friendster, and it will die out just like those. Why? well FB has become too big, its now monopolized by grown ups and corporations, the youth will move on to something cooler, many already are. I myself barely touch my FB except to occasional link to my blog. Basically I'm using my FB the same way I use twitter, I just have 279 followers as opposed to 6 on twitter. (please follow me STMTZ)