Sunday, December 5, 2010


So the whole cartoon pictures for facebook profile pictures, in support of a campaign to stop violence against children, got me thinking about my childhood and cartoons that shaped my life. I choose to go with Voltron.
And you would fuck with this thing why? STMTZ

I was not alive for the original TV series, which aired in syndication from September 10, 1984 to November 18, 1985, and titled Voltron: Defender of the Universe. But I was around fro some mad awesome reruns. I had an awesome three foot action figure of Voltron as well, hell I still have it, shhh don't tell my mom...
Wonder if he's worth any money, not as much as my love for him so fuhgeddaboudit. STMTZ
I remember runnign around at preschool pretending I was one of the Lions and using an empty bubble container as my laser canon. This seems to be my earliest memory of life, which means Voltron is pretty important to my character. It probably also explains my extensive collections of dreams involving underground caves with robot armies at my control. But seriously if you watch Voltron now you realize that, at least in the englished dubbed version, the story line is all kinds of fucked up and that King Zarkon is easily the scariest bad guy of all time.
If you google King Zarkon you will find quite a few pictures of him violating Princess Allura, and he apparently only goes through the back door. STMTZ
And if thats not scary enough you got Haggar and his fucking cat!
Even bad cats have MoHawks. STMTZ
And whom does this cat harrass but the sweet little space mice,
I like the one farthest away, he's all like "what you guys freaking about." STMTZ
I mean these things make Princess Allura get all giggly and it seems that it even works on non-cartoon hotties too
And this from a women who knows a thing or two about space robots. STMTZ
That was alot of pictures...

...and I'll form the Head..."


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