Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Drag Racer V3

http://www.streetracersonline.com/flash/drgrcr3.phpSo as I spend more and more time online I am starting to realize that this little box of joy has taken more hours of my life than can be properly excused for. And as I venture back through the websites and black holes that absurd my adolescence I keep stumbling across simple, yet oh so addictive, games.
That's me pimpin it in my McLaren F1, my like I have only one HAHA... STMTZ
Drag Racer V3 just happens to be one of the games that took away more of my high school career than all my math homework combined, and that saying something since I was one of those dorks who took extra math classes for electives.

The Game is quite simple you buy a car, tune it up, buy some equipment to make it faster, and win, when you win you get money, or you can pink slip and get new cars. It's simple and basic, which seems to be the perfect formula for a highly addictive flash game.

You can also show your car off at car shows if you happen to be the kind of pussy who likes pretty thing instead of fucking kicking ass.
Apparently my extertior is lacking, Two-tone balck and red? STMTZ
The point of the game is to win all the races vs. individual cars and in the tournaments, between these two tasks the game has quite a lengthy game play. It does get repetative but then you just get a new car and try to break speeds like this...
I think this defys some law of physics, that's how rebellious I am. STMTZ
Yeah Thats how good I am, I won by 325m in a 400m race...against a Saleen S7, I think that means I'm pretty much the best ever, and is more evidence about how much time I spent on this useless activity. I could have made millions of dollars creating Facebook.

So once you get a car that is unstoppable, well then you start winning alot and get lots of sweet rides and money, unfortunately this does not translate to bitches as all of your net worth is tied up in binary and is considered worthless to the powers that be, you can't even buy bread when you offer to trade a 1.2million dollar car, WTF.
I'M RICH BITCH...Told you I had more then one F1. STMTZ
You can go play for yourself at....

Drag Racer v3


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