Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elf Elf Baby...

msarge is not the only one who can write about video games. I present you a game you may have played, my mom downloaded this game like 10 years ago, and I don't think that's an exaggeration, back when we had dial-up and this game was some killer graphics. Well it maxed out our old gateway computer for sure.
Elf Bowling in a game by nstorm, word is they made/make other games, I have yet to find evidence in non-text format so we'll consider that irrelevant. However, they did make this game and it's one hell of a game and Just in time for the Holiday season. They made some sequels but this is the original and we all know the original is always the best, why do they even bother making sequels, its for the money I tell you, for the money.
Is that a seagull at the Northpole.? STMTZ ...and a frog? (even more unlikely)
I highly suggest you play this game, until you realize that it's no longer seasonally appropriate in March and then put it away till next Thanksgiving. Ah to simplicity.

You want to know the really cool thing? I even put it up on one of my old dead sites so you can download it, for free and it comes with no viruses, which is always a nice thing I think...

Elf Bowling

That's my present to you, so don't go asking for tube socks or ties I already gave you your video game you ungrateful children...


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