Friday, December 17, 2010

Facebook has 500million users, and I have 279 friends

So I was listening to the radio today when they started talking about Twitter vs. Facebook. To me the whole comparison is a little apples to oranges. Twitter is not some FB wanna be, Twitter serves a purposes different then FB. Most everyone I know how uses FB spends 90%+ of their time on the site "cyberstalking" their "friends" and friends-friends, mostly its used for a voyeuristic look into some acquaintances life. Twitter is used by different people in different ways but the most common way I see is to spread information, not gossip and personal issues, but information, whether its news articles, jokes, reviews, or to just bitch out a company that was shitty to you (Groupon you suck, and on monday RBC Bank You suck too!!!).

Back to the point, the commentator was talking about how Twitter only has 200m users and FB has 500m, then they went on to say that a lot of Twitter accounts are fake or doubles or inactive so they don't even have 200m. They said nothing about the same issues with FB so I became irritated and started doing some research. Apparently it's a somewhat widely believed thing that facebook doesn't have an issue with fake accounts or that the 500m is in fact an adjusted number which accounts for the mentioned issues.

Anyone who has spent more than a little time on FB is aware their are tons of fake accounts, (random girls want to be my friend almost weekly), and I personally have a second account which is inactive, and making a fake account is well pretty fucking simple...its 9:19pm 12/17...its now 9:22pm 12/17 and here you go

3 minutes to make, and I even had to stop to make the picture. STMTZ

 Now I know I can also make a fake twitter account, hell my old one, z44gunssayhi, is still laying their dormant after almost 2 years, and I never posted anything to begin with. My point is that neither of these sites has the numbers they claim, not in real world people. A lot of accounts are dormant a lot of accounts are fake.

Some UK website made this. It shows all the friend pairing on FB around the world. STMTZ
Overall, my personal opinion is FB is on its last legs, it was just the latest in a line of sites almost identical to it, xanga, myopendiary, myspace, friendster, and it will die out just like those. Why? well FB has become too big, its now monopolized by grown ups and corporations, the youth will move on to something cooler, many already are. I myself barely touch my FB except to occasional link to my blog. Basically I'm using my FB the same way I use twitter, I just have 279 followers as opposed to 6 on twitter. (please follow me STMTZ)


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  1. The Fake account is still active as of 1/9/11, you should totally friend request it!