Wednesday, December 29, 2010

RBC bank update

In case you have no idea what's going on read this first: RBC Bank

RBC bank returned all of my money, every last penny. That is 100% the outcome I was going for and I achieved that. It doesn't make up fully for the assholishness of their employee, but hey can I blame an entire institution for the faults of their staff?

YES! because I can bitch about whatever I damn please...and if I never bitched I would have never got what I rightfully deserved, so the lesson here is to stand up for yourself, and it might work out, it's always worth a try.

They did the right thing in the end and admitted their mistake, and reimbursed me the funds, every penny. In fact they reimbursed an additional $11.95 fee I was assessed but made no fuss about.

So good job RBC, I think maybe this means we can continue our business relationship.

Plus look at how cute that lion is. STMTZ
I have tickets to a Hurricane's game at the RBC Center in March anyways... Go Sabres (that's who the Hurricane's are playing and my favorite hockey team, thus the tickets [they were an christmas present from my mom])


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