Friday, December 24, 2010

Setting Expectations Unfairly High

He is staring into your soul, so stop being such a douche. STMTZ

A poster with this message was on the wall in my 8th grade classroom, I went to Catholic school. I was unable to find the original so I had to ghetto rig this one to express my feelings on the issue. I have been stewing on this topic since I was 13, that's way too long.

I understand the point is that Jesus changed the world and that you too have the power to do so. However, going off the literature on the issue Jesus isn't just some guy who rose up against the odds, he isn't just some dude who change the world with determination and pure will. He is the son of God, I think this gives him a slight advantage in the "World Changing Ability Category,"

Here are some other examples that I made that may just be a little misleading...

What he only has 2 feet on you, pussy. STMTZ

And don't forget he did it well riding a motorcycle, ignore the physics involved in the destruction, how the fuck do you keep a bike up with one hand when you hit a hummer driving towards you at full speed? STMTZ
If your wondering what her advantage over anyone is, well your dumb, but it's millions of dollars from daddy. STMTZ

I think I'll leave it at that, the last one is a good tease for a future article involving Ms. Hilton and the like. Plus I feel like I accomplished something today, who else has ever managed to mention Yao Ming, Jesus, Paris, and Wolverine all in one article? No one I can say with some confidence, no one.


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