Thursday, December 9, 2010


I do not recall when I was first introduced to Snood, I do not recall any telling world events that I missed while engorged in it's shapely spectrum of awesomeness. I can only say that this game took away months if not solid years of my life. Entire school days were spent bloodshot eyes in the basement computer labs (those labs were so perfectly placed, I mean it was bunker style classrooms, kinda fucking cool in hindsight) or the library, perched atop the port city.
I'm not a gamer, unless you include huge bouts of Pokemon, MarioKart or PC Halo (which I continued to play well into college, and could have used to buy a more updated version), but games, like the ones listed, have taken so many hrs from my life. So many hrs I will never get back, granted a lot of those hours were at work or at school so the loss of productivity was minimal, but seriously when I get hooked I get hooked good and Snood got me hooked bad.
B! helped take this pic, cause I unfortunately don't have four hands. STMTZ
To "win" at Snood "you need to save the Snoods by grouping three or more of the same kind together. Unconnected Snoods are also saved. Launching Snoods increases the Danger Bar and when it fills up, the screen moves down. If a Snood touches the bottom, the game ends" (

You can use the walls to bounce or bank snoods of them to get in hard to reach corners, and suggestion, if your on a laptop get a mouse cause it's super hard on a touchpad.

If you wanna download the demo go to, it is just a demo but it lets you play for a hella long time before it makes you stop, so its def worth a try I'm still playing the same demo since september, so yeah it lasts awhile.


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