Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I'm going to make this post a sum up of what seems to be the only news story of the past week.

I'm not going to explain to you what WikiLeaks is or who Julian Assange is. Why? Because non of that really is the issue.

The issue is simply is what WikiLeaks doing, good or evil. Some people are OK with some of the information being expose, but I feel this is an issue with limited if any gray area.

If you have followed my other blogs, specifically The Riot, then you are aware I am totally hell bent on free speech, to the point of their being no exceptions. The government should never determine what you can say or where you can say it, having "free speech" zones on campuses is an infringement of that right just as much as keeping people quite, if you have a thought, an opinion, an idea or simply just hate to spew you should be allowed to do so with no interference, but you also must expect that people will ignore you hate you and may just speak their opposing opinion back.

So what's this have to do with free speech? Well in the first amendment their is also a part about freedom of the press. WikiLeaks is the press no matter how you try to spin it, they are working in a journalistic capacity and in my opinion have done a hell of a lot better job than ANY news agency that I have ever happened to study or heard of. Why? Because they give you the facts, not some of the facts not their opinion interlaced with a couple facts no ALL THE FACTS and they don't turn on their sources.

I keep hearing that WikiLeaks is making the world less safe, and maybe it is, but where is the proof, in which ways? Just because the people you lied to now know you were lying to them? This whole thing has gotten out of hand.

I never met George Washington or Ben Franklin, or any of the founding fathers, but I'm certain they would believe that WikiLeaks is a positive thing for a transparent government. They wrote the Freedom Press into the 1st Amendment, because the presses duty is to be the watchdog for the people, the watchdog of the government. The Founding Fathers felt this issue was the most important, and knew that this was necessary for democracy. So in an age where the press has failed at their duties a new press is rising in the form of Wikileaks.

"People should understand that WikiLeaks has proven to be arguably the most trustworthy new source that exists, because we publish primary source material and analysis based on that primary source material," Assange told CNN. "Other organizations, with some exceptions, simply are not trustworthy."



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