Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5 Reasons it is Easy for Celebrities to Lose Weight

Everyday we are bombarded with commercials or pointless segments regarding some celebrity losing a significant amount of weight. The media congratulates these personalities and the whole world takes notice of their new body. Then the celebrity uses their re-found fame to encourage the rest of us in a "if I can do it so can you," kind of way. They advertise the products that helped them get this new body, or regain a former body they once had. While the rest of the world looks on this transformation with envious eyes I sit back and get rather cynical. Here are my top 5 reasons why it's easy for celebrities to lose weight, yet a bitch for everyone else.

5. They have time
Think about it, most stars who lose weight have a fairly flexible schedule, and by this I of course mean they work maybe 20 minutes a day, and by work I mean answer some questions on the radio. Of course, the average person needs to work going to the gym ONCE a day into their already packed schedule. Most celebrities who lose a significant amount of weight claim at least two gym sessions a day, and in some cases three. Time is also crucial in what a person gets to eat, the more time you have the more options you have in your food intake. If you need to grab lunch between meetings, then Wendy's it is, if you have 3 hours for lunch you can swing by a restaurant and get a nice grilled chicken salad. Being able to eat healthy is also assisted by the fact that...
Get famous, get money, get time, get thin...the Hollywood weight loss secret.

4. They have money
I feel confident that no one will disagree when I say that celebrities have more money then the average American. Having more money means you can eat healthier, plan and simple. Yes their are inexpensive healthy options available, but if you have no budget you can essentially get healthy prepared foods for every meal. They can also afford to build gyms in their houses, not a weight bench and a treadmill, no an entire gym, probably better equipped then your local "judgment free zone"

Planet fitness prides itself on the "judgement free" ideology. This confuses me greatly, as 90% (I am being generous) of people go to the gym to look good, i.e. to be judged for the way they look outside the gym. I mean if you don't want to be judged then work out at home, and if you really are so concerned with being judged how did you manage to become such a negatively judged lard ass in the first place?
Why is it a gear? are we just robots, does PF no something I don't?
You already are being judged all day long, hell your judging yourself if you feel you need to go to the gym so who really cares if for the 15 minutes you walk on the treadmill, thinking that will help at all, some meat head thinks you are a waste of human flesh. When you manage to get skinny you want the whole world to notice, and judge you as now acceptable,you don't get to the top without spending some time on the bottom.
(How is it acceptable that you can spell judgment, judgement, and both are correct?)
End Tangent

3. They have assistants
They have people who can go grab a healthy food option if they are bogged down with 2 interviews back to back. They also have personal trainers, which would help anyone greatly. They have nutritionists, chefs and doctors for constant evaluations. If we all had a team of people keeping us healthy then I can assure you everyone would be a healthy weight, and all fast food would be out of business. And some times they don't even have to pay for this team of experts because...

2. It's part of their job
A lot of celebrities depend on their good looks to make money. No one would have ever hired Tara Reid based on her acting abilities. If we all were required to stay in shape in order to receive our bi-weekly pittance, we would probably be even more likely to be healthy then if we had an entire team of experts telling us what to do. Celebrities get both teams of experts and monetary incentive including
Sometimes the ONLY reason is because of the job.
1. Endorsements deal just for losing the weight(I have no proof of the next claim) Agents and managers are on the phones with numerous diet/food/exercise products the instant their client mentions losing weight. Every product is willing to pay big bucks for the false promise that using their product will produce similar results for the rest of the population. Of course all of these advertisements and endorsements leave out the first 4 points in this article when claiming their product melted all the excess weight away.
George didn't even wait to start dieting before getting his money.
I have a secret diet tip, almost don't want to write it here cause I could probably right a NYT best seller about it. Eat right, don't count calories or cut carbs, just eat healthy natural food, and when your done reading all my articles, get off your ass and go for a walk/run, go to the gym and work out. Because everyone IS judging you and if you don't feel good about how you look change it and if you feel comfortable in your body then good.


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