Thursday, January 6, 2011

5 reasons NOT to vote for "Joe Everybody" for president

esterday I caught a segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The segment was about John McCain, and part of the skit chided him for his owning 10 houses. This fact was used to show that McCain was out of touch with the average American. All politics aside my thoughts on the issue are that I don't see any merits in having a leader who is similar to the guy picking his nose in the grocery store or that fucker who just cut you off on the highway. 
These are my top five reasons why NOT to elect a "Joe Everybody" as president. We start with...

#5 Everybody is broke 
The Average credit card debt per household with credit card debt: $15,788
This fact points to the issue that the average American is over spending in comparison to what they make, this isn't house and car loan debt this is credit card debt. If Everybody can't manage $44,389 (median income) then can honestly be trusted with Trillions of dollars. 
I have absolutely no idea of what the overlying message of this is, but B! liked it so their you go.
I would prefer, say for example, a man who had built a successful business from meager beginnings or who took over a business that was failing and pulled it back together. which leads us to how you get to this point...

#4 Everybody doesn't make very sound decisions
From the last point we see that Everybody likes to spend money, but on what, and why. If you have ever spent any time watching people in stores, they purchase things almost without thinking, why does anyone buy one type of dryer sheets over the next. I would assume (baring allergic sensitivity) that the only noticeable difference would be smell and then price. So under this equation the cheapest brand should be the one most often purchased. Again from personal experience I can assure you this is not the case and that name brands beat out the generic brands on every item available.
This graph is a P.C. way of saying "buying name brand shit is a waste of fucking money you dumb asshole."
 So I would prefer a leader who researches his options before making a decision.
Well this seems to be contradictory...

#3 Everybody is very indecisive
People cannot make up their own minds. What my proof? Sales people and the entire concept of "the art of selling." If people were decisive then it would be impossible to sell them anything above and beyond what that deemed (by doing the research suggested in #4) absolutely necessary.

Is this a secret GSB comic embedded in an article?
 So I would prefer a leader who walked in with a set goal and didn't waver, not because he was stubborn but because he was educated on the pros and cons of the decision and thus was sure he was making the overall best choice no matter what other people thought, and...

#2 Everybody is too worried about hurting peoples feelings
The average person will do anything to avoid conflict with other individuals, especially stranger. In fact people will go to great lengths of discomfort to themselves just to make sure that no one is offended or hurt by their actions/words. A real leader needs to be understanding and compassionate but also needs to make decisions based on the interest of the entire society, and not worry that his friends might disagree with his decision, he can't just bend to the whims of people who he is afraid of offending. 
But overall...

#1 Everybody is an asshole
Most people care about only one person, themselves. A leader must have the interests of the group ahead of their individual interests. Everybody is too concerned with how the world interacts directly with him, will he get his money, will he get the promotion, with little or no regard for the system and the necessity of each person in the equation. I would prefer a leader who has the interests of his country ahead of his own personal agenda.

So in conclusion people suck and the idea that we need a leader who is the average American is moronic. I think everybody would agree that their boss is a moron but is still better a boss then any of their co-workers would ever be. In fact I think everyone would also agree that they are the only person who understands anything and obviously if they were in power could fix all the problems.


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  1. I see you say absolutely nothing about who should be president- just that "joe everybody" is statistically likely to have made inefficient microeconomic decisions. I won't go too much into the fact that to even be noticeable as a presidential candidate, you have to be a millionaire, be that as it may. Your argument is simply awful- you address all of the ways that the average people are victimized by unethical business practices, and then claim they simply are too dumb to to govern themselves because of it. The reason populist campaigns are so well-received is because everyone knows that only the very rich are likely to be candidates- but people still want someone who understands the problems (like the ones you listed) that they have to deal with.