Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cats and Dogs

Their is no elaborate back story to why this topic came into my mind, but none-the-less the article must go on.

Humans have lived with animal counterparts for almost, well, the entire history of humanity. In this time a lot of animals have become domesticated to the point they no longer resemble their feral ancestors. But only two animals managed to bridge the gap from work animals to companions, cats and dogs.
Horses don't count, you don't ride you're friends, that is unless your a furry.
Ever since, the question has loomed over humanities head, "are you a cat or dog person?" I have personally never understood why you can't be both, as I have always owned both and like both. Both have their definite pluses and minuses.

We will proceed in alphabetical order:

Cats are nice peaceful creatures, they keep to themselves most of the time and come around just enough to make you feel wanted, unless of course your cat is crazy and uses your face as a cat tree.

If you go to a girls house and you see this...RUN!, RUN very very far very very fast.
The best part about cats is they can be left alone for long period of times, as they don't need let out and they are not adverse to solitary conditions. All they need is a sufficient supply of food, water and their own, somewhat frightening, cat imaginations. All these traits make cats perfect for a busy person who doesn't really want to schedule their daily routine around a animate piece of house decor.
Look at the pure evil in those eyes.
Dogs have successfully enslaved humanity. If you don't believe this you have never witnessed the daily routine of a dog owner. Waking up at 7am to go out in a subzero snowstorm so the dog can do his duty and then snicker under his warm coat as their "owner" picks up their excrement. But dogs are best friends, they come up to you when you get home all excited to see you, they bring you slobber covered dead animals as gifts and they give you someone to play with whenever you are bored.
Dogs also rarely turn old ladies into smelly creepy shut-ins.
Dogs also can be used for something other than a footstool, that is one of their main purposes right? Dogs can be used for a variety of purposes from security, to hunting, to saving peoples lives. Plus dogs are just plain warm and cuddly.
Lexie fulfills all of the above dog duties.
Altogether both creatures have their places in human society, cats are nice to have around, and if they aren't lazy like my cat, will go and kill vermin that runs around the house. Dogs will play with you and bite the face off anyone who tries to hurt you. Although my cat did stand up to the pit bull that came running at us so I guess cats will also try. Altogether pets rock. Right now all we have is 2 goldfish, whom you previously met in the most relaxing video ever.


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