Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Green with Envy

I am "greener" than you (Period). Here is my point
The last thing I ctrl+f was "grey."
So now your probably saying, "Wow, another eco-freak hipster trying to tell us why he is better than us and how we should all be more like him to stop global warming."

 Global warming is not caused by man, that's my stance, I have SCIENCE to back it up, and yes I will happily argue with you for hours about why everything you have been told is skewed of just flat out absurd. I sway conservative although ultimately my alliances are not determined by party affiliation but rather by individual issues. examples: Gay people should have the right to marry, the right to join the military, the right to, well, do whatever the hell straight people are legally aloud to do (confident that's a primarily liberal p.o.v.). I am against expanding welfare programs, and against (most parts of) the health-care plan a.k.a. Obama-care or (the laughable) Health SCARE Plan.

So then why is my carbon footprint about 1/7th that of the average American?
Let's break it down: (we'll use the calculator's variables)

I am a broke underemployed recent (if over a year is still considered recent) college graduate. That said I am broke as fuck, just like many of you, and that results in living with roommates. We are three people living in a 1050sq/ft apartment (this by the way is more then adequate and I am not complaining, hell I living under another kids bed for 9 months, but that's another story.) I also don't like to spend money for no reason, so I replaced the most used bulbs in the house with energy efficient bulbs (not to change the world but to save money on electricity). I also make sure all electronics are turned off when I leave the house (save the ones that require being on i.e. Fridge, Fish filter). Our apartment does not use any other energy source other then electricity.
If this was real my entire house would be green...Literally.
But that's not unusual so that probably sets me right in line with most people in my economic situation my age

...Or in the case of my housemates and I CAR. That's right between the three of us we own ONE car. Most (cold and/or wet) days B! drops our roommate and myself off at work (we work together) drives herself to work and picks us up at the end of the day. We also only work about 3 miles from our house, which significantly cuts down on our fuel consumption. Oh and on the subject we drive a 4cylinder '99 Honda Civic, so our gas mileage is 25mpg (granted this number is less impressive with the new cars mpg figures, but it still means we only burn about a gallon a week going to work).

When it's not cold and/or wet you will find me riding my own form of transportation a Kawasaki 250, yes some of you will laugh at my little engine, but I get around 60mpg. How can one survive with just a motorcycle as transportation you ask? Well it's not as hard as you make think (plus you get to look like a baller). It'll all be explained later.
She makes up for her petite-ness by being so damn beautiful.
This category sums up all the extra stuff like the food/cloths you buy and your hobbies.

Shopping on a motorcycle is easy when you shop the way I do, day to day. I stop by the store and pick up some stuff for dinner and whatever things I may need, like if I run out of tp or milk. This make my loads very small and easy to carry in a backpack. Plus I live half a mile from the closest grocery store so I can always walk if need be. I also tend to do most of my fruit/vegetable shopping at the local farmers market (again not trying to save the world, I just prefer fresh produce and it's usually cheaper anyways) I also tend to buy my eggs and some meat there as well. For recreation I write this blog, on my netbook, and that doesn't use much energy. I also geocache and experiment with photography, so all in all my hobbies produce no carbon(you could include the use of energy by my phone for the gps and my camera). 
It's a bird in a tree! That's all. Go back to reading.
The other categories include transportation such as airplanes, trains and buses. I infrequently (like once every few years) use these resources and did not calculate them in my total because of how infrequently I do use them.

So their you have it, I am greener than you, mainly because I am broke. So if you want to be a more eco-friendly individual just get poor and you'll basically have no choice.

Also it doesn't hurt to just flat out not be a scum bag, don't litter, recycle (or better reuse) and just generally don't be wasteful. If you just limit your scum bagginess, you will limit your carbon footprint, and more importantly you actual environmental impact. I think everyone can agree that a bird stuck in trash is a disgusting site and that we all should do our best to prevent that from happening.

The exception to the rule. Bread getting its revenge!

Calculate Your Footprint! 


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