Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is it OK?

So today I was in Wal-Mart (WHAT me in wal-mart? Yes, I was doing research, someday you may find out if that is true or not but that's another article completely) and I saw a little kid eating some fruit snacks, which for further clarification were yet to be purchased, this is seen as a perfectly normal and acceptable practice and it got me wondering...

Where is the "line" in what you can do with items you intend to buy at a store?

Is it OK to go get some toilet paper and use it if you are adverse to using the cheap paper stock in the restrooms at a store?

Is it OK to use silverware at the store to eat food items from the store?

Is it OK to open a CD and put it in your player and listen to it whilst wondering the aisles? (yes I am aware no one uses portable CD players, which of course begs the question of why anyone still bothers paying for music, kind of a stupid thing to do if you ask me.)


You wouldn't steal a car. Umm...yes I would, if it took simply clicking a button yes I would most certainly steal a car, in fact I would steal shit loads of cars, I would have cars I didn't even want just for the sake of knowing that if I wanted for some reason to drive a 1984 Ford Fiesta, that would be possible.

You wouldn't steal a handbag. First off before we get into this, your target audience for these (cough*propaganda*cough) commercials, teenagers, do not use the term "handbag," so your aging yourself with this one. Secondly if by stealing a handbag I knew that no one was being adversely affected and that it was in fact just a clone of another handbag and therefore the only outcome was a net-gain for the entire community, (i.e. I get the handbag and no one loses handbag means +1 for the entire equation) I would steal handbags, probably jsut for the joy of seeing what kind of embarrassing shit I could find in said handbags.

You wouldn't steal a movie. Well if that were the case then, You wouldn't make ads trying to convince me of my own morality. And on that point, is this ad only trying to get the people who wouldn't steal shit from not stealing shit, are they just accepting defeat with the "real world" criminals?

...and what's with the girl, she just had a change of conscience randomly while downloading the movie? and sorry if downloading a movie is stealing, and in the real world if you steal but then return the item you will still get arrested, assuming charges are pressed, then isn't she still technically a criminal and thus shouldn't she have just downloaded the entire thing and at least got something for her criminal activity?
End Tangent
I bet you have lost track of what this entire article was about. It's ok so did I...back to the list

Is it OK to open batteries and put them in a flashlight if the power goes out? and in this situation are you still obligated to purchase the batteries and flashlight?

Is it OK to take a camera out and use it to take pictures of your friends and whatnot, and because it's technically a store owned product does it thus circumvent the policy of no photography?

I would think "No bombs" would go without saying. STMTZ
If you are tired is it OK to take a nap using the blankets and pillows available?
and if mattresses are avaliable for purchase is it OK to sleep on them in the store?

Is it OK to use makeup products?

Is it OK to use hair styling products? (like gel to spike your hair)

Is it OK to wear the cloths? (I know people do this with shoes, so I am not sure why the same courtesy would not be extended to pants, say in a situation where you ripped your pants and needed new ones)

Is it OK to use store cleaning products to clean up if your kid makes a mess? and, again, are you still obligated to purchase the materials?

Is it OK to use a phone charger in the stores outlets? (if you already own it, or if you plan on purchasing a new one)

...I think I will make this an ongoing topic...I have run out of ideas for tonight...but seriously just think about it, or better yet just try it and see what happens!


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