Monday, January 17, 2011

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais hosting of the Golden Globes last night has cause a lot of controversy. Apparently saying anything negative about celebrities was so "totally unacceptable" according to Philip Berk the current head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Gervais has been portrayed across the nation as a mean spirited comedian making low blow jokes to get a few laughs.

Now I am not going to discuss the politics of statements from Berk like "for sure any movie he makes he can forget about getting nominated," that to me just screams that the Golden Globes are simple a politically motivated spectacle in which performance and originality are simply trampled upon by who you know and how much you can pay. 

What I am going to talk about is Comedy, or at least my take on comedy. Many people assume that comedians are the life of the party and always happy and fun loving. I would have to argue that this can not be the case, I am not saying comedians are sad and lonely, but rather comedians look at the world with very...well, fuck-upped eyes, think of any good joke...seriously, whether heard on a comedy show, in a club or just over the water cooler. Notice anything? Almost every joke is based in having a negative perspective of the situation. Comedians see the world for the messed up place it really is. And all jokes are based on pointing out this screwiness to their audience.

So back to Gervais, he may have made some mean-spirited jokes, I am sure even he wouldn't dispute that, but they were made in a humorous environment. He was picking fun at the audience, at the main characters of the evening, the over reaction by certain personalities has shown not only how cowardly and spoiled many of these"stars" have become, but also how a man known for making "negative" observations about society in general was expected to change himself, and his thinking in order to appease a mass of egotistical persons. Gervais was just being himself and should he apologize I will instantly lose respect for him, because in doing so he is apologizing for doing what he does, and being who he is.


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  1. I saw some coverage of this and it immediately made me angry that anyone cared he made some jokes at some celebs expense. First of all, why should anyone give a shit? Why would this be something for anyone but the celebrity to be upset about. Second, I kept waiting to hear something wildly controversial, instead I heard Ricky point out that Tim Allen has not had as good of a career as Tom Hanks. WTF.