Monday, January 31, 2011

We Did it!

So it's February (the only way I can remember to spell that correctly is to say feb-roo-ary) now, well not really their is still a quarter of a day left in January but according to my analytics most of you read my post during work hours meaning it's Tuesday as you're reading this. Anyways, we hit our January site hits goal!!! It came down to the last few hours but due to a marketing blitz over the weekend we were able to achieve our numbers!

This means we are growing according to plan and hopefully it will keep up, February is going to be a difficult month with only 28 days to hit an even higher goal, but with all your help we can do it. If you see or read something on the site PLEASE advertise for us by putting it on your FB or Tweeting about us. It's super easy Tweet and Like buttons are available on all the articles, comics, pictures EVERYTHING so if you enjoyed reading it please take the 3 seconds to click the button and advertise for us.

But back to business, first off GSB and BadDyno are unofficially retired, they may crop up from time to time but their will be no daily, weekly or any frequency of posting. If this upsets you, tell us and we will see what we can do. The reason these two have fallen by the wayside is to focus on the new strip that has been appearing over the last two weeks, "Hat and Gloves." Our full intention is to create a comic strip that will be published daily (on weekdays), for now it will be a 3 times a week segment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We hope this format will build up an audience for when we go to a 5/wk schedule. If you like Hat and Gloves follow them on twitter at FishComics, each time we publish a new comic you will be updated, nothing more, nothing less just a reminder to read the latest from Hat and Gloves.

Manic Monday is also a relic of the past, if we find something new or unseen which we feel should be seen by our audience we will post it. But we didn't want to leech off of other online hits any longer so we decided to do away with that concept. Throwback Thursday will be making a permanent return this week and I PROMISE to actually post B!'s video every week from this point forward.

Cracked! I will continue posting topics on Cracked each weekend. Hopefully we will see further relationships between STMTZ and Cracked which will result in more traffic for both parties. Articles posted on Cracked will also be posted on STMTZ. HOWEVER the version on Cracked will include some additional features so at the end of each article I will link to the Cracked page and you can find the "bonus features."

Anyways over the weekend we saw a lot of traffic from new places and sources, Welcome strangers! If you like what you see follow the blog on Twitter at STMTZ (you can just click the "follow me" link under the twitter feed on the right of your screen).

Thanks everyone for reading and sharing with your friends and family and hopefully we can continue to grow at our planned paced.


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