Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Should I Scream for this is my Theme Park...

I have decided to make a slew of aesthetic changes to the site. Most are very obvious, like changing the color scheme and the placement of the twitter feed.

Some other changes are a general doing away with the Song of the Day, to be completely honest it was never very popular and eventually just turned into a pointless daily effort on my end. If you haven't noticed the site has turned from what was best described as a "storage unit for my Internet adventures" and has slowly turned into a mostly daily article, which was the intent from the beginning.

I will not promise to write a new article daily because that's something I can't assure will happen, but I will post SOMETHING everyday, whether it's an article, a list of facts/ponderings or just a BadDyno or GSB comic.

On the note of comics I plan to add a new series, and I am having serious issues producing a good GSB comic weekly, the concept has seemed to just fade quickly, I will continue to attempt with them but Expect a new series starting soon, BadDyno will continue as it has, with at minimum a weekly addition.

The Facebook "Like" button and Tweet Button will be included in all articles from this day forward. If I post from my phone, the links won't be available until I update the blogs.
Please click one or both if you find my ramblings entertaining, you are my only advertising, so if you like it tell everyone you can, it's simply clicking a button, and my undying love for you is totally worth it.
Please tell your friends about us, we are lonely! btw that clock really is at my work.

Anyways, that's pretty much all for the updates and changes, I think I am happy with how things are, but we all know I change my mind frequently.

For now I get to sleep soundly knowing my twitter account has been subpoenaed by the U.S. government!!!


...Not going to put a like button or a tweet button because well this is just a business post so no reason for such shenanigans

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