Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why 3D EVERYTHING is just another fad...

The other day one of the supporters for 3D's continuing evolution in modern entertainment stated that, when sound was first introduced to films their was similar skepticism by the people of the time, and the same with adding color to television. So 3D is supposed to change the way we view everything from films to television. Even computers, games and phones are getting in on the action. I may be jumping on the hater-wagon for this one but I adamantly believe this is a fad and that most people are already over this entire craze.
I'm guessing by the looks of it these men are at a 3D porno theater.
Wearing glasses is stupid!We all know this, few people will put up with sitting around wearing bug goggles just to watch their own TV at home. While many will put up with the gimmick at theaters, the idea of wearing glasses while watching football at home makes no sense. Most people who watch sports also are engaged in conversations with friends and family, or participating in other activities all of which would make wearing the glasses not only look stupid but also would just rip your eyes to pieces as you constantly switched from the TV to the real world.
It probably doesn't help that 3D viewing may be down right bad for you, How Dangerous is 3D, really?

But lets pretend someone gets the genius idea to ditch the glasses (Toshiba is already doing this) and we can just manage to watch 3D with our bare eyes...

It looks stupid
Now some scenes in some movies benefit greatly from the addition of 3D, I am not disputing that, but overall the 3D imagery looks flat out dumb, it looks at best like the lighting in a photograph is off, and at worst it just ruins the picture.
Look how they just POP off the screen, it's amazing!
It's limited in its applicability
Example, a movie like the Dark Knight would be absolute garbage in 3D...I feel this comment merits no further explanation. So we have 3D kids animated movies and crappy comedies begging for something to make them seem even slightly enticing and then we have pretty much dry up the well of applications that make sense for 3D in the film industry. Any movie with actual cinematic merit has no applicable benefit by adding 3D, seriously just imagine if Kane came sledding down on Rosebud and it popped out into the audience, that would pull you right out of the story line. which brings me to my next point...

The entire point of film is to take you to another world
Filmmakers go to incredible lengths to make everything in the movie seem real, so that you're watching the movie and feel as if you watching something "real" unfold in front of you. Anytime some sort of gimmick pops up in a film it instantly makes you aware that you are watching a movie, and thus defeats the purpose of the directors vision. So yes I am saying any director who uses 3D outside of aforementioned genres is a sellout and believes his work is better when pissed upon by a marketing ploy.

To Television
Other then watching 3D movies on TV what programming could benefit or in fact wouldn't just be hurt by the addition of 3D.......................................(that's ten minutes of me thinking and I got nothing). 3D news reports? 3D infomercials (I have to admit this would make them even more hilarious)? 3D reality TV? 3D talk shows? are you seeing my point, the only television program that I can even imagine them pitching 3D TV for is sports, and we already talked about that above. After the first game where everyone goes "Wow, that is so cool," their will be no one (save some techie losers) who will bother continuing to view their programs in 3D. But other then sports their is NO applicability in the world of television.
If you can't make it good, make it 3D.
But Gaming...
Gaming has one advantage over the passive forms of entertainment, it is engaging. However, again I see limited applicability for 3D in this genre as well, not to mention the need for increased CPU power, graphics cards, monitors and then of course a game that is well design, has great game play, and that enough people purchase said game and additional equipment for it to take off. So I can say with some confidence that 3D gaming as a mainstream form is at least a couple years off, probably doesn't matter anyways because...

The 3D fad will fade, just like it did every time before.
This year we will be bombarded with gimmicky sequels and new movies attempting to "reinvent 3D," and then we will have 2012 and finally we can go to the movies. People didn't stop going to the movies because of home theater systems, they stopped going because movies in general are garbage, and sticking a gimmick and charging an addition $3 is not going to save the industry. What is? Taking risks, making good movies, not remaking movies, not sequels, not 3D or smell-o-vision or clever marketing? No, good old Hollywood gambling. Take something different, attach some talent and let the movie sell itself.


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  1. I am tempted to make a post in support of 3D as a counter point to this post. We shall see.

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