Monday, February 28, 2011

Politically Correct Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Doesn't care what you think, and unlike stars who base their careers on claiming they don't care what you think,(Cough) Gaga (end cough), society does not think this is proper behavior. Their are individuals who sole purpose is to spin negative behavior into something positive, they call their profession public relations, but that's just a less cool term for professional liars. And while I am sure Charlie Sheen's PR team is working double time or contemplating sepaku, I have decided to help matters by translating some of Sheen's best moments into political correct statements.
The man was in Ferris Bueller so that is like a free pass for life anyways...but not for Jennifer Gray.

What he said:
“I wish [Chuck Lorrie ]nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon.”

Spin it right round...
"I wish [Chuck Lorrie] nothing but the best in his travels and I hope one day we wind up working together."

What he said:
“I’m dealing with fools and trolls. I’m dealing with soft targets, and it’s just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee … they lay down with their ugly wives and their ugly children and just look at their loser lives and then they look at me and say, ‘I can’t process it.’

Spin it right round...
"I think that from an outside perspective the viewed is skewed. It really bothers me that people who don't know me, don't know my life, are constantly judging me. I understand that what they see differs from the reality of the situation and is their hard for them to process."

...And We're Back

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pimp My...self?

Their is a lot to be said for the amount of people who spend their days walking up and down Hollywood Blvd. trying to get me to listen to their music. Most of them fail in their attempt because they demand I hand them a shiny golden coin in exchange for their mix tape which is probably just a blank CD anyways. I always tell these people I will be more then happy to listen to your music, but why would I pay for it when I won't even pay for music from artists who I know and respect? Again I will listen to your CD because if you have the balls to confront me on the streets as I attempt to get my picture with the entire Justice League in one day then maybe you have something to offer.
My lack of comic book knowledge aside, I think I can confidently say Lara Croft is not in the Justice League
Plus being able to casually say, "I totally was listening to him before anyone heard of him," has the added benefit of making me vicariously cooler via your eventual stardom, or subsequent murder trial.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving On

Do NOT Hire

Now judging by my resume, and current lack of an adult job, I am probably the last person who should give out advice for any career related topic. And considering I have had exactly 1 interview for a real job and obviously failed that, taking any advice from me on how to approach an interview would be considerably ill advised if not down right moronic. That being said, I have seen many articles by "experts" on the topic of what to do at interviews, and while their are are also plenty of what not to do articles I just figured I would jump in the game with a list of ways not to answer typical interview questions. Also, these are probably in line with the thoughts coursing through your brain as you mindlessly answer questions posed by some women whose expertise on reading people is questionable based on her 5'6" husband with excessive amounts of gold jewelery...but he does have a Porsche.
...Or a Giant lifted truck...I ride a 250cc motorcycle (the smallest highway legal engine), just sayin'
What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?For most recent college graduates this question is met with either feeble attempts at bullshitting your 5 years of cleaning dishes up to "head of presentation" at the local greasy spoon or just cleverly adjusting an epic night of drinking into a story of philanthropy. The interviewer is probably expecting this answer and is most likely ignoring everything you say anyways, daydream instead about the pool boy Fernando, and while grabbing her attention is probably the right thing to do, their are a couple wrong ways to do this, here's one.
...just now I am realizing the euphemism-esque qualities of "clean the pool"

Bon Jovi- Living on a Prayer

B! went to see these guys on Monday and decided that you all should hear a song you have heard thousands of times. Oh well it's Throwback Thursday and that's the song she choose...Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gender Wage Gap

So I have addressed this topic with a video before, but it was a long time ago and I approached the subject with sarcasm and just general one liners that left a lot to be desired from someone searching for actual opinion based on facts. So here is the more elaborate version, why? Because I heard a clip from President Obama on the subject, and while the clip may be old it still pissed me off that the leader of the free world (more on this choice of wordage in a future article about...well you'll see) would continue to perpetuate the myth of the gender wage gap.
She makes more than me. WTF! I deserve a raise!!!
Well I could site a litany of sources, that would be boring, but in case you think I am talking out my ass here is one source, Dr. Warren Farrell, and I suggest you do a quick wikipedia search on Dr. Farrell to see why he might just know what he is talking about. Instead of inundating you with a bunch of paraphrased research by people much more informed on the subject, I will approach the subject from the point of view that the concept defies common sense.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Citizen Journalists

The newest trend in the world of news is the citizen journalist. From twitter updates at crucial world events to CNN's iReports the genre has exploded in recent years. News agency's love the involved population for the most obvious of reasons, you don't have to pay them. Unfortunately the quality of information is questionable at best and sometimes just downright false and potentially harmful when portrayed along side fact checked journalistic works. Undoubtedly we will be stuck with this half assed free source of news for a long time, and so we should probably just start learning how to adapt to it. And well it would be a waste of time for me to list all the reasons why citizen journalists should be taken with a large amount of salt, I would still liek to explain my list of pet peeves from these sources.

*Image Courtesy of Lois Paul & Partners (by courtesy I of course mean I just put it here with no prior permission, but hell I still gave them credit and that's saying something.)

Sub Wash

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Americans Abroad

I just read an article on titled "Is the 'ugly American' label fading?" and the intro to the article talks about an American couple who travel abroad and use to claim they were Canadian's to avoid being negatively viewed by the natives. American's claiming they are Canadian while traveling is not a rare occurrence, it is so common that I was told multiple times to claim Canuckness in order to avoid the label of ugly American. If you follow this blog at all then you know that I am overtly opinionated and therefore probably assumed, correctly, that I would never claim to be anything other then what I am, an American. I actually find it disgraceful and ignorant to claim a false allegiance to another country, oh and pathetic. So if you're one of those people who has traveled abroad and denied your American citizenship, well I want you to know you're an asshole and that you are an embarrassment to your nation.
If you're American and have this patch, it should be expected that both Canadians and Americans will rearrange your face.
As for the title of "ugly American," I have my own list of observations from my travels abroad. The article does state the the image has changed greatly in the past three years, so I may have just witnessed the first waves of change that thus skewed my viewed but none-the-less here is my take on the title. American's are so flat out afraid of offending people in other countries that they are usually overtly polite and sincerely attempt to adapt to the culture they find themselves in. Every American I met in my travels, attempted to speak the language of the native country, and to just blend in the background without making much of a spectacle of themselves. I never once saw an American act belligerently or even so much as draw attention to themselves. In fact most American's are so scared of pick-pockets and thieves they go to great lengths to not appear as tourists at all.
"Run that person is different then us, they are going to mug and rob us...RUN!!!"

Friday, February 18, 2011


If you follow me on twitter (and you totally should, because I will send you awesome presents!) than you started off the day with a box a Quisp and the overwhelming urge to hit me for taunting you with its sweet crunchy goodness.
For all my non-twitter followers here is the picture, but alas you still never got to see the Octopus Hotdog. Until you click on that link of course. Follow me Damnit!

Quisp is the best cereal in the world hands down, and what makes it even more special is how rare it is. If you want Quisp you are subject to two options, order it from the Internet, or take the make fun route and just wait for one of its sporadic appearances at a grocery store near you. I choose the latter because it just makes it so much more satisfying to know that it is a fleeting moment of perfection.

But the second reason I have for waiting till Quisp finds me, is that I love cereal, all cereal. Shaun Jewell (who does not have a twitter but you can find him on FB here) and I were in Europe, specifically a small town just outside Barcelona, Spain, when we had a long and in-depth conversation about the attributes that make cereal the best foodstuff EVER.
Shaun Jewell with long hair, and, more relevant, cereal. In fact you may notice the strange names, because this picture is from Spain and those boxes were the catalyst for the Best Foodstuff Award.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So their is a computer on Jeopardy, his name is Watson, and he is "smart." Well actually he is knowledgeable, as in he contains a lot of knowledge, or data. It all got thinking about something that has always upset me, that everyone confuses the concept of intelligence versus knowledge. In our society we believe that being knowledgeable is a sign of intelligence and most times we just think they are interchangeable adjectives. Well they aren't, being knowledgeable is based on a few things, mainly memory and prior access to information, it also helps to have a desire to absorb a set of data.
This is how it starts...right?
Being intelligent is well here is the definition: having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree. then the dictionary gives an example: "is there intelligent life in the universe?" Obviously no one "knows" this, however you could argue that having knowledge about the statistical variables that would help make an educated thought. But knowing their are billions of planets is not the same as forming an intelligent response.
I did NOT obtain any rights from
So here is my intelligent response to the question "is there intelligent life in the universe?" (first lets just assume the dictionary meant except for Earth) Probably not, at least not right at this instant (yes, I am sticking with a linear time-line in my analysis). While you can argue that their are trillions of stars and their for trillions of planets, first most stars are too unstable to have a perfect zone for the elements of life, second life and intelligent life are like planets and habitable planets. Billions of different life forms have lived or are living on planet Earth only one species has evolved to the point of intelligent thought. And we barely made it, basically the only reason we are around today is because our ancestors were ultra-lucky. So yes I believe life exists throughout the universe, and yes I think we are alone in the sense that no other life forms in the universe are wondering if their is something else out their.

Here is what a computer, even Watson would say: .............. So no computers are not to the point of thinking, all the Watson does is recognize human language and search a huge data base for the most likely answer. If Watson doesn't have the answer in his data set, he can't answer the question.
Watson is a room full of computing technology, not just some design friendly screen. So no you won't be able to buy a computer that can figure out that when you typed you meant
Is it a huge step forward? Yes! Is it the beginning of the end of the necessity for humans for problem solving and abstract thought. Unfortunately we seem to have hit a point where abstract thought is considered a waste of time. Speaking of I think I'll go watch some TV and increase my knowledge base on whatever in is Snooki is doing.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Awards

The Grammy Award is apparently taken its lead from the Oscar playbook giving out some of it's biggest awards to obscure entertainers. Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs," won album of the year, making everyone think "umm...who? Some hipster band Album of the Year?"
They aren't the first winners of this award who are completely non-nonsensical, but they are the most deserving of a punch in the gonads.
Beating out Eminem's Best Album to date and, even with my negative opinion of her, Lady Gaga and her Album that single-handedly changed the sound of Pop Music over the past year. But No Grammys give the award to some band no one has heard of, because that makes sense, The Oscars snubbed The Dark Knight, so why shouldn't The Grammys snub some of the most influence artists of the day. The other one we have all heard about Esperanza Spaulding (spell check says I spelled it right so I'm not going to bother checking), and how all the Bieber fans are flipping out. My theory is simple, they gave out these "shocking" awards to drum up attention, and that they have done. So next year everyone will expect a no-name artist from some out of date genre to win an award.
But if you look at the history of the Award 13 of the last 19 have gone to single female vocalists (some who played instruments, some who did not). so now its 14 of 20 or 70% so theirs your statistic for you office Grammy pool next year.

The Incredible Edible Egg

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holly's World

Today I looked up from my reading long enough to catch about 13 seconds of Holly's World, which B! was watching. If you don't know what Holly's World is or who Holly Madison is then you are one luckily human being, but I am about to destroy that for you. Anyway, former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Holly Madison was saying during the clip I caught that she had just got back from a "much needed vacation." "It had been years" since her last vacation stated wrinkly old man lover the turned relaity star.
Pictured: Work
For those of you, I assume all of you, who are not frequent viewers of the program, here is a list of vacation-esque episode descriptions from the show.
  • Season 1 Episode 1: Holly poses for a sexy photo shoot in Cancun. 
  • Season 1 Episode 5: Holly and Bridget (also a girlfriend of Hefner's along with the ultra annoying Kendra) go on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas; Angel attends traffic school.
  • Season 2 Episode 2: Holly visits Hugh Hefner to discuss his engagement to Crystal Harris. Guest Star: Kendra Wilkinson


I figured seeing as the movie comes out today would be a good day to post about the new Denzel Washington/Tony Scott movie Unstoppable, here are some pics and a video from when I worked on the set...
 That's one of the helicopters flying over the tracks, they got much closer to the ground when filming was taking place. They were just above the power lines, I say they because there were two of them. in the picture the other one is over my head as they circled waiting for the reset to be complete.
 One of the police vehicles for the movie, that's a real cop the extra's wore a browner color uniform.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


No one is quite sure of how the Oreo got it's name, theories abound from the Greek root for appetizing as in orexin or orexigenic (appetite stimulating) or anorexic (loss of appetite),  or the 're' from cream was 'sandwiched' between the two Os from cookie. Of course, the real truth is that the makers knew they had such an amazing piece of awesome that they just threw a bunch of sounds together and went on with making cookies.

A TV spot for the Got Milk? campaign showed a false etymology where, when at a board meeting to decide the name of the cookie, one of the members is asked for his opinion; the member, who just ate a cookie and does not have any milk to wash it down responds "I don't know," which is heard by the board member as "Oreo." Proving once again advertisers are idiots and convinced that everyone works in offices.  After spreading lies about the best damn cookie on the planet they moved on to annoying us with cavemen.

And whatever the hell these things are.
In a bid to not be too arrogant about being so much better than every other cookie Oreo has changed its slogan to "Milk's Favorite Cookie", from the original, "America's Favorite Cookie." Following the Eminem logic of "when you so good that you can't say it, 'cause it ain't even cool for you to sound cocky anymore," becoming the only cookie in the history of time to go as hard as Mr. Mathers.

The average (original) Oreo cookie is 1 3/4 inches in diameter and .314961 inches tall, which is strangely similar to π, 3.14159, leading this writer to speculate that Oreo is a front organization for the Illuminati. Added yet another dimension of the world dominating potential of this irresistible creme filled delicacy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ron Paul is Batman

Puff Daddy, R. Kelly- Satisfy You

Throwback Thursday!!!

Brought to you by B!'s like Sesame Street

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preparation Z

So after two hours of staring at the computer screen I have come to the conclusion that "No, this article will not write itself," which is unfortunate because I planned on making a killing off writing college papers for students who could afford my hourly rate. But alas here I sit, two hours after beginning with no work to show and now I am rambling on about not writing in order to further procrastinate the task of writing this article...So let's just jump right in...
I was able to find a picture of me procrastinating, that's how much I procrastinate.
I have come to the conclusion that eventually the world we know will be doomed by some unforeseen event. In pandering to my audience I will use a zombie outbreak as the example for the rest of this article. However, if you have issues with zombies you can use a variety of different natural and unnatural disasters of your choosing in places of the word zombie from here on. Enough people are preparing themselves for the coming doom humanity is un..likely to encounter that it makes me about as uncomfortable as the thought of a rat infested with Toxoplasma gondii attempting to mate with my cat. So it got me thinking should I also be preparing for this inevitable day, and if so what skills would be particularly useful in a post zombocalyptic society. Because I will need friends after shit hits the fan, I have decided to share some of my plans for how I am preparing for the impeding zombie hordes.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Lessons

"...But STMTZ the Superbowl was 2 days ago and no one cares about it anymore!"
That is true hypothetical critic, but I had some things I wanted to say and was too lazy to come up with a new idea. But thank you for you hypothetical concern! Sincerely STMTZ

So the Superbowl happened a couple of days ago, the Packers won, which only made me happy because it meant the Steelers lost and, even though I no longer live in Pennsylvania, I didn't have to hear Steeler fans go on and on and on and on and on and on with their moronic celebration. 
It's not plagiarism because I inadvertently cited their website.
We get it your city is a horrible place to live so you have to excessively celebrate a group of men who probably are begging to get traded to a team somewhere that doesn't suck. But other then teaching us that the better team wins an incredibly boring game, the Superbowl was filled with other life lessons, here are some of those.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wal-Mart vs. Target

I was skimming through the Internet the other day and came upon a blog post by Steve Olson, who is this you may ask. Well IDK but apparently a lot of people follow his blog. Mr. Olson was writing a post based on why he believes, Target is superior to Wal-Mart. Here is the link Steve-Olson.

Now I am an avid Wal-Mart hater, I have not spent money at Wal-mart in over 9 months and had spent pittance in the 6months prior to that. I actively encourage people not to shop there. Why? Because I hate Wal-mart. Mainly because wal-mart coupled with some other issues has led to the downfall of small businesses and thriving down-towns, and has effectively turned as all into commercialized loners.
But I also hate Target, and Applebee's and Kohl's and Best Buy and I think you get the point, in my opinion Wal-Mart gets all the blame for the issues the same way the quarterback gets blamed for losing a game. Wal-Mart is the leader the big guy and therefore the figure head for hating what uber-commercialization has done to the American way of life.
So now I will go through Steve's Ten points and give my opinion, based on my experiences.

Point 1: Crime
"Why did the 911 hijackers buy their box cutters at Wal-Mart? Why do serial killers featured on Court TV buy duct tape and rope at Wal-Mart? Because they feel comfortable there. They’re with their people. Did you know (according to this study) the average Wal-Mart has almost 450% more police calls than the average Target store?" -Steve Olson.

Why do people who do bad things buy stuff at Wal-Mart...Statistically speaking we can assume most people who are shopping for duct tape, rope and box cutters, would rely on a big box retailer, especially if they use these products sparingly. Wal-mart has approx: 4227 locations in the US while Target has only 1743. We will now assume that only Target and Wal-mart exist, because Steve gives us no more variety, we will also negate the possibility that Wal-Mart was the only option in the location of these two unrelated events. Assume an even distribution and equal accessibility to Wal-mart and Target locations and that the culprit chooses randomly, say the first one he comes to. Then in each example the culprit has a 71% chance of walking into a Walmart instead of a Target. So maybe that's why your two examples picked Walmart. 

As for the police calls, Target's are focused on selling to suburbia, whereas Walmarts are more likely to be in less safe areas. Also Target's are generally in plaza type settings whereas Wal Marts are generally stand alone structures, meaning? Less traffic and more escape routes for criminals at Wal-Mart over Target locations. 

Point 2: (this post is going to be long)
Target Doesn’t Destroy Small Towns
I'll concede this point to Steve as I have no data on the issue. But again we can return to the point that Wal-Mart has 3 times as many locations and is thus more likely to infiltrate smaller markets are they have feel they have milked the larger markets the best they can, Target, as a number 2 brand, simply builds in a town with a wal-mart location already present so then all the blame falls on Wal-Mart cause they built there first. 

Point 3:
Maybe this one I have the most experience and opinion, because in the past I worked for both of these companies, at the sales associate level, even if it was for only a couple months each. 

Presidential Tweet

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Customers Dreaded By Cashiers

Being a cashier is an extremely annoying and mind numbing job. You have to deal with hundreds of people a day who all think you're the human equivalent of a burning pile of feces. Anything that is wrong in their life is instantly your fault.
If I don't smile I will be forced to clean the toilets! How are you doing today?

If I don't smile I will be forced to clean the toilets! How are you doing today?

Just The Facts

  1. The median expected salary for a typical Retail Cashier - Full Time in the United States is $20,716
  2. Cashiers spend all day handling hundreds of dollars, almost every transaction a cashier does in a day the total amount spent is more than the cashier will make for an entire day's work.
  3. Cashiers spend a majority of their day thinking of ways to hurt themselves so they can go on workman's comp

Nature's Bitch

Who is this?
This customer believes that he or she is making a significant impact on the environment by using reusable bags instead of plastic, even though both options present negative effects on the environment. Nature's bitch will not opt for the default plastic bag. Maybe they will be around to witness the effects of their eco-friendly choice or they just refuse to be normal.
These bags make me look more pompous!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Superbowl Ads

Tomorrow is the Superbowl (if you didn't know that then you are free to spend your life on my site and I promise to fill you in about all major common knowledge events). The Superbowl is a special sporting event, because for this one night a year we all make sure NOT to miss the ads. Instead we use the bathroom or grab a beer from the kitchen during epic drives. Because it would be unthinkable to miss whatever talking animal steals the show this year. You would be such a loser if you went to work and everyone was like "hey did you see the hamsters" and you could only reply, "no but wasn't that an amazing drive by the Packers in the waning moments to win the game, hell that was flat out historic." You will be laughed out of the room because the Superbowl is the only football game where no one cares about large men throwing a ball around.

I have no knowledge of the advertisements that are going to be on display tonight, so everything I say should be taken as obviously being 100% fact and in no way satirical.

The type of Ads that will own the night...

Betty White
Finally I have a podium from which to scream my opinion of the subject of this old lady. The only reason she is funny is because she is old and cute, her being funny is like laughing at a toddler, it's just encouraging them to continue doing ridiculous things. Yes she is humorous, but on a comedy scale of Dane Cook to George Carlin she is somewhere around the Louise Anderson/Carrot Top tier. For most people this wouldn't land them a gig but Hollywood has figured out that hiring an 89 year old means they don't have to worry about paying out royalties to her for much longer.
You're a PERVERT!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Yearbook Superstars

It is nowhere near the time of year when Yearbooks starts to come out in schools, yet many seniors are already vying for the coveted Class Superstar rating they find most appealing. Some of these people will win their coveted titles, and others will come in second, which as in all events in life means they lost and are now forgotten by time. But what exactly do these titles mean other then the satisfaction of beating other people and making you feel special like you haven't felt since you stopped watching Barney. I don't know, and I am not going to sit around going over data sets to figure it out just to write an article. So, as always, I give you my second best...
(Note: apparently the name for these titles is Superlatives. I am telling you this so that my learning this can be not only a lesson is vocabulary but in humility.)

Most Likely to Succeed

The Gist: This is the most highly regarded of all yearbook rankings. This title is given to those who are likely to go on to be President or CEO of a company or invent something that does something that is so unimaginable that no one has words to describe either the action or that which is acted upon.
The girl is just suppose to be his Secretary, she was voted most likely to bring down a successful man with a sexual harassment suit. Her whole look just screams Fem-Nazi!

Hat in the Hat

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tone Loc- Wild Thing


From B!

Dancing with the Stars

DWTS, a rip off of a British reality TV show, airs on ABC. Semi-celebrities and professional dancers compete to win a second 15 minutes of fame. The show has somehow ran for 11 seasons and will be premiering its 12th season in spring 2011.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


America's political system consists of two parties (some may argue their are others, we call these people crazy). The two parties each go by a bouquet of different names, right and left (a reference to the French National Assembly and blah blah blah...), conservative and liberal, Republicans and Democrats and the always popular Nazis and Fascists. Throughout the country, of America, people differentiate themselves based on their political ties, almost to the point of absurdity.

Explaining the two parties:
Conservatives only care about themselves and old people and for some unknown reason the unborn fetuses of democrats. Liberal's care about everyone because they live in a fantastical world where everyone can be happy if only we get rid of all the rich people, their plan to do this is of course to kill all the babies and old people, especially the old people. Conservatives are usually found riding john deer tractors down a 55mph road pissing off a bunch of liberals in Priuses (is their a plural for this word?) who are just trying to get to the farmers market before it closes because it is better for the environment.
Above: Paradox

Why I Hate Facebook

For most everybody with a computer and an internet connection, facebook is the first (most times only) stop on the information superhighway. Facebook is now the most visited site on the internet, no matter how sad that is, it is the truth.
Facebook: The only reason Al Gore invented the Internet
Facebook: The only reason Al Gore invented the Internet

Just The Facts

  1. Facebook has over 600 million users (sort of)
  2. 150% of 20- to 24-year-olds in the U.S. are on facebook (that's right, for every two college aged kids with a facebook their is another fake/duplicate account)
  3. Facebook is valued at $50,000,000,000. Putting facebook's value somewhere around that of Disney and Viacom.

A Short list of Reason's I Hate Facebook

Facebook has apparently changed the way we communicate, this is what I am told daily by the media. Without facebook (they don't capitalize it so I won't either) we would all be stuck communicating via outdated technologies like smoke signals and morse code. For that I must thank facebook, however their are a few things about facebook that make me think twice about this technological leap in communication.

Glass Bubbles

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We live in a world where their are "guy" activities and "girl" activities.  Their are a couple of reasons for this separations but mainly it comes down to evolution. Many people are advocates for erasing the line that separates the genders, must of these people are women and idiots. I am advocating sexism with this article, just supporting the evolutionary differences that separate the genders. Women are free to participate in whichever activities they like, I am free to find it unattractive.

I am 100% sexist when it comes to women sports reporters. Why? Because experience has shown me time and time again they have no fucking clue what they are talking about. Let's clear up one thing, I am mainly talking about football. It's not necessarily the female reporters fault that she knows little about the game, very few leagues exist for women and I feel confident in my assumption that none of the current college football and NFL female sports reporters ever spent more then the 3 minutes halftime routine on a football field. Now if we look at the men of sports broadcasting we have a slew of former NFL players and couches commenting on the game.
If you look like this you don't have to know what you're talking about.