Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gender Wage Gap

So I have addressed this topic with a video before, but it was a long time ago and I approached the subject with sarcasm and just general one liners that left a lot to be desired from someone searching for actual opinion based on facts. So here is the more elaborate version, why? Because I heard a clip from President Obama on the subject, and while the clip may be old it still pissed me off that the leader of the free world (more on this choice of wordage in a future article about...well you'll see) would continue to perpetuate the myth of the gender wage gap.
She makes more than me. WTF! I deserve a raise!!!
Well I could site a litany of sources, that would be boring, but in case you think I am talking out my ass here is one source, Dr. Warren Farrell, and I suggest you do a quick wikipedia search on Dr. Farrell to see why he might just know what he is talking about. Instead of inundating you with a bunch of paraphrased research by people much more informed on the subject, I will approach the subject from the point of view that the concept defies common sense.

Why would anyone hire men?
If two employees apply to be a manager at Wal-Mart and both have equal levels of education, and years of experience in retail management, but one is willing to work for $30,000 a year and the other won't settle for less then $40,000 a year, who is going to get hired? I won't even patronize you by answering the question. And this works for any company anywhere. Hell it's even more basic than that. If you walked into a store and found a 12-pack of Coke labeled for $3 well the rest were labeled at $4 you would take the $3 box every-time, and so would everyone else.
So explain why any company knowing it only had to pay women 77% of what it pays men, would ever extend the offer to a male. Certainly no company I have ever worked for. My experience: When I worked as a manager I was responsible for maintaining payroll, one way we achieved this was to send employees home early if business was slow. How was I instructed who to send home first? Seeing as all the employees were virtually equally capable at their jobs their was no reason to be biased based on performance.
it would be like choosing which Olsen twin to sleep with, yeah Mary-Kate is probably the bigger freak but Ashley has the virtue of being less likely to pass out mid fornication.
I was told to send home the person who had the highest hourly rate. We are talking pennies on the dollar too, as the highest hourly employee made 25cents more than the average employee and only 45cents more than the lowest paid employee. So if the gender wage cap was present at my place of work we would have sent home all the men first. Also any extra shifts were supposed to be given to the lower rate employees. I also have heard, they made a big deal of it in Unstoppable, that businesses are more likely to lay off hirer paid employees. Which then begs the question of why layoffs effect women more, if they are in fact making less.
She quit her job, then let the people of Britain pay for her to write those books. Unrelated point, women who own businesses make less then men...they must be sexist too.
Shouldn't the problem fix itself?
If in fact employers are just sexist and prefer having males employees and don't care about the effect of the bottom line, because they are so overtly chauvinistic, than it should be easy for a non-sexist company to attract the best female talent. At least a few companies, like these, are going to consider women equal to their male counterparts, so if the other companies were unwilling to compete with the offers of these equal pay firms, then they would attract the best female talent.
Considering that female talent is equal to male talent, this would give these firms an advantage over their sexist competitors, who would probably react by offer equal tantalizing salaries to the best female talent, and eventually the whole system would just revert to higher compensation for higher performance, which for arguments sake is the system that male employees already compete in, and which the female employees wish to join. So the free market would take care of this issue by itself. And seeing as their are no government subsidies for hiring male employees, in fact the reverse is true, their should be no reason that the system wouldn't have worked out the kinks by now.
So you may be thinking, "but you never addressed that the news media says that women make 77cents on the dollar to their male equals." You're right but I also told you I wasn't going to bore you with a research paper on the topic, so go find the answers yourself....

or just watch this video,


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