Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Awards

The Grammy Award is apparently taken its lead from the Oscar playbook giving out some of it's biggest awards to obscure entertainers. Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs," won album of the year, making everyone think "umm...who? Some hipster band Album of the Year?"
They aren't the first winners of this award who are completely non-nonsensical, but they are the most deserving of a punch in the gonads.
Beating out Eminem's Best Album to date and, even with my negative opinion of her, Lady Gaga and her Album that single-handedly changed the sound of Pop Music over the past year. But No Grammys give the award to some band no one has heard of, because that makes sense, The Oscars snubbed The Dark Knight, so why shouldn't The Grammys snub some of the most influence artists of the day. The other one we have all heard about Esperanza Spaulding (spell check says I spelled it right so I'm not going to bother checking), and how all the Bieber fans are flipping out. My theory is simple, they gave out these "shocking" awards to drum up attention, and that they have done. So next year everyone will expect a no-name artist from some out of date genre to win an award.
But if you look at the history of the Award 13 of the last 19 have gone to single female vocalists (some who played instruments, some who did not). so now its 14 of 20 or 70% so theirs your statistic for you office Grammy pool next year.

Overall the 2011 Grammys were the best I have seen in my lifetime, the performances were great, the flow of the production was perfect (minus that whole teach kids music/don't steal music dialogue with some guy from glee and some old dude who is pissed that immediately upon Spaulding winning her award millions of people pirated her music). Giving album of the year to some Hipster band is just the Grammys trying to align themselves with advertisers, who as I mentioned in the Hipster Evolution article are spending millions trying to get hipsters to buy and use their products. Shocking that an award show based on popularity contests would be a sell-out to advertisers. And in conclusion fuck Pitchfork.


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