Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pimp My...self?

Their is a lot to be said for the amount of people who spend their days walking up and down Hollywood Blvd. trying to get me to listen to their music. Most of them fail in their attempt because they demand I hand them a shiny golden coin in exchange for their mix tape which is probably just a blank CD anyways. I always tell these people I will be more then happy to listen to your music, but why would I pay for it when I won't even pay for music from artists who I know and respect? Again I will listen to your CD because if you have the balls to confront me on the streets as I attempt to get my picture with the entire Justice League in one day then maybe you have something to offer.
My lack of comic book knowledge aside, I think I can confidently say Lara Croft is not in the Justice League
Plus being able to casually say, "I totally was listening to him before anyone heard of him," has the added benefit of making me vicariously cooler via your eventual stardom, or subsequent murder trial.

But alas, these days are coming to an end (that's in fact a giant load of hog manure but allows me to make a bridge) as hopeful rap stars and attention seekers now find themselves trolling the internet for people to listen to their music. This has the added benefit of finally they figured out to let me consume it for free, but also the negative aspect of now your unwillingness to interrupt my bucket list scavenger hunt quest has made me have no respect for you, so go away. This all coming from the guy who has two twitter accounts just to link back to this website, just so I can know that even though I haven't left my bed in 16hrs the world still has to PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!

...or I will be forced to rock your face off.
But self-promoting on the internet has a couple different levels, I would regard my attempts at passive as I don't actively find similar articles on the internet and post,

If you like that you should totally check out my article on 
how monkeys are being trained to solicit sex in exchange 
                                        for money!
This theory does not state that making garbage will not also make your stuff spread. Why did I pick FRED out of every modern day example of uter-bullshit clogging up popular culture? because I used a picture of Kim Kardashian just a couple articles ago.
...and for the juxtaposition of two YouTube stars. 


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