Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We live in a world where their are "guy" activities and "girl" activities.  Their are a couple of reasons for this separations but mainly it comes down to evolution. Many people are advocates for erasing the line that separates the genders, must of these people are women and idiots. I am advocating sexism with this article, just supporting the evolutionary differences that separate the genders. Women are free to participate in whichever activities they like, I am free to find it unattractive.

I am 100% sexist when it comes to women sports reporters. Why? Because experience has shown me time and time again they have no fucking clue what they are talking about. Let's clear up one thing, I am mainly talking about football. It's not necessarily the female reporters fault that she knows little about the game, very few leagues exist for women and I feel confident in my assumption that none of the current college football and NFL female sports reporters ever spent more then the 3 minutes halftime routine on a football field. Now if we look at the men of sports broadcasting we have a slew of former NFL players and couches commenting on the game.
If you look like this you don't have to know what you're talking about.
 You may be saying, "well not every guy played football." And you're right I never played anything above intramural flag football in high-school, but I am also not a football commentator and that's the difference. So networks if you need a women to look pretty and pull in viewers then just have them stand behind the guys who know what they are talking about, cause honestly as soon as I hear a female voice my brain instantly disregards anything said until some bass kicks in and we get back to not playing dress up.

Sports: Part 2
It is not sexy for women to like sports. I am not saying women are not allowed to like sports or that they are somehow inferior to all men when it comes to dedication to their team, I am just flat out saying that women need to stop thinking it's sexy to be a sports fan. And if your a man and you find this sexy, your probably just a jackass that can't find any guy friends the watch the game with.
The soccer apparel did not make her sexier. Just trust me.
Video Games:
I am no gamer. I probably spend more time showering than playing video games in a given week For most men this is illogical, sorry I enjoy games I just don't have the attention span to get really caught up in a game. But girl gamers are not sexy. I play video games with B! all the time, but if she was all into Call of Duty I would find it at least awkward and at worst repulsive. Again girls can play all the video games they want, but playing them doesn't make you sexy.
Is the headset doing anything for you now?
Girl don't find it sexy when a man like to shop, they may think he makes a good shopping friend, but seriously guys, if this is your angle you're probably about to be set up on a blind date with Taylor. You think oh that's not bad I'll give it a shot and boom your at dinner with a man who thinks your delicious and now you start to realize that maybe you shouldn't have made so much fuss about those "cute shoes." Basically if you're a man and do typical "girl" things the general feeling is not that this makes you sexy to the female gender. So why the hell do girls think it's sexy to pretend to be boys?
Is this doing anything for you ladies?
Got that ugly chicks who try to compensate for lack of looks and personality by trying to be a guy? It's not sexy and the guys who think it is are losers who can't find male friends and don't have the social capacity to navigate the realm of femininity.


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