Friday, March 11, 2011


Science and religion have long been at odds, usually unnecessarily, in this battle science has been prevailing a lot lately, with all their proof and supporting evidence. But the tables are about to turn, not because people will flee sciences empty teaching, but because science and the way we think about science is changing. Science has spent most of the past, oh forever, proving or disproving hypothesis, many of these results led to a butting of heads with the religious institutions, as some of the evidence that was presented seem to contradict the teachings, and therefore the foundations, of the church itself. But science has changed, science has moved on from trying to understand the world to trying to manipulate the world. This is not inherently a bad or good thing as with every new technology the essence of evil lays in the hands of the users, not within the membrane of the device.

Ray Kurzweil, who is apparently some guy who should be taken seriously,
I assume the true nature of his power lies in those cat book ends. 
according to some journalist who I have never heard of who works for a magazine that sounds like it contains pictures of naked women (Rocco Castoro, Vice Magazine Senior Editor). Kurzweil stats that by the year 2050 we will have reached the singularity, which sometime in the last month changed it's meaning from something to do with black-hole's to robots, because coming up with new words is too hard. 

According to wikipedia- technological singularity is a hypothetical event occurring when technological progress becomes so rapid that it makes the future after the singularity qualitatively different and harder to predict. 

In terms we can all relate to this is when the computers take over. Yes, you're not mistaken that their are a slew of movies, very very popular movies, all based on this notion and that this guy actually gets paid. I assume he sits around rewriting terminator movies with less Arnold, because time travel is illogical. 
Relevant picture.
Although I have my suspicions that anyone with that much forehead can be right, the theory does open the doors to a lot of moral questions. Should humanity continue on a path where apparently in 40 years, "we will be able to absorb and retain the entirety of the universe's knowledge, eat as much as we want without gaining weight, shape-shift into just about any physical form imaginable, live free from disease and die at the time of our choosing" (source). This is obviously a serious question as most anyone reading this will most likely be alive in year 2050, I'll be a sexy 63, Mr. Kurzweil will most likely be deceased, and thus will avoid our mocking about how once again the world isn't as awesome as some old guy said it would be.

But this isn't about crazy old men scaring cat ladies this is about the battle between science and religion.  We are currently coming to a point where the morality of scientific progress is in question, in fact with stem cells we have been their for awhile, but with synthetic technologies taking over our bodies, the question of morality becomes magnified. The obvious problem with all of this is that if we are able to sustain life infinitely, then we can be assured that overpopulation with sky rocket and humanity will deplete the earth of any and all remaining resources. If we become some sort of nano-bot-pseudo-human then what will differentiate us from the machines? 

All in all my personal belief is that 2050 will not make the year in which technology surpasses human intelligence. In fact I doubt that day will ever come, just like we are all still waiting for the flying car 
to become common place.
We will be sitting around in 2050 wondering why the youth are so enamored with Sofia (The pop singer) and that new TV show about talking squirrels, without any recollection that we were supposed to all be terminators by this point. But hey if you do believe this then all you have to do is stay alive for 39 more years and you can become immortal, and skinny, yes I am inferring you are a coew if you think this is our future. Oh and if we get to this point I think a lot of atheists and agnostics will jump on the side of the religious in saying that this crosses a line that man was never meant to cross.

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  1. tldr but may I point your attention to this youtube video:

  2. Well thanks Micky, but creating artificial intelligence is more then just making a mechanical skin. Although I have to say I was impressed by the realism in the facial motions.