Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thing's that confuse me (the short list) ...continued

Why do people purchase things they know make them look stupid. i.e. crocs, snuggies, leashes for their children.

Have we hit the point of being so apathetic that this is not embarrassing?

It's pictures like the one above that make you think, "she hasn't killed herself?" "yet hundreds of people with bonding potential do?" It may be this thought alone that spawned the phrase...WHAT...THE...FUCK!

How come if you have a negative opinion of someone, especially famous people, then you are labeled as jealous of said person. Even when stating facts, like Charlie Sheen being crazy, Lady Gaga having a penis or Chris Brown being a women beater? Just writing that sentence means I am jealous of the above cast of characters.

Is their a lazier name for anything then an Orange? I mean going by that logic we should also have something called a yellow, a red, a green, a purple, a blue (let's see...humm...Banana, Apple, Grape, Eggplant and a blueberry). Seriously was the guy who was put in charge of fruit naming on that day out sick and some toddler had to make the name? You could call it anything...I propose a Palpero, it makes sense because oranges have palp and ero because umm...ut sounded good, I would eat a Palpero, plus it sounds spanish and oranges and spain have a pretty sexy history.
Pictured above: Palpero

If you are brown and a bear you are a Brown Bear, if you are a dog you are a Chocolate lab, if you are human and have brown hair you are Brunette, but if you have brown skin you are Black or, if lighter brown, Red (as in Indians...both American and Indian..Indians).

If you are a dog and have Yellow hair you are either a Yellow lab or Golden Retriever, if your human you are blonde, if you are yellow skinned you are from asia?

I am starting to suspect the racial color scheme is inaccurate.


  1. I looked into it and apparently the fruit orange was called an orange in English before the color orange was called orange. So apparently the color was named after the fruit.

  2. It's no longer called an Orange...it's a Palpero...but the fact that you cared enough to look into it...well that makes me happy... *SMILEY FACE*

  3. It should be Pulpero!

  4. Well Anonymous aren't we just the cleaver speller!