Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Viral Music Videos

I don't get around to watching many music videos, so maybe this is a longer trend then I am aware of, but are all music videos being produced as elaborate expensive viral videos? Both Kesha's "Blow" and Gaga's "Born this Way" have unicorns in their videos. Britney's "Hold it Against Me" video seems like some sort of distorted nightmare/advertisement. So are these videos evidence of a change in way we digest entertainment. Have the internet viral videos become the default for music videos, and does this mean we will soon see entire movies based on the concept of amateur obnoxiousness?
A Unicorn, butterfly, human hybrid. I must admit I am intrigued.
If you spend too much time on the internet, which is probably the case seeing as you're reading this, then you have probably heard about hundreds of different internet sensations. If you do even a little research you discover that many of these "home grown" operations are actually huge marketing companies, who use the internet to get viewership and then sell advertising space. Hollywood has yet to grasp the concept of how viral videos work, evidence like in Zach and Miri make a Porno in which a not so intriguing video of Granny Panties takes off in mere hours, their are quite a few examples of this in works of fiction, but why bother going their when we have the news media constantly telling us that anything that makes it on the internet will be their forever and will be seen by everyone, including people we don't want to see it. Of course the idea that "nothing can ever be deleted" from the internet is kind of a stretch as anyone who posted their poetry in high-school is sure to notice. But this is a complete divergence from the topic at hand.
Famous last words of English Majors
These huge pop music videos which have been released back to back to back, all feel like videos made for YouTube. This trend is kind of frightening to me as most internet sensations are horrible and the only real entertaining value is laughing at the losers who made the videos, who of course are laughing back with their money and fame. If this is where we are headed for media in general then we are coming up on a period that might be even worse then the barely fading reality show garbage that has plagued our television for the past decade (just in typing that I cried a tear for the human race). So please feel free to write your local and state entertainers and ask them to vote no on the "Internet Viral Video Trend" initiative currently in the Congress.

Hollywood Congress, with the Honorable Morgan Freeman presiding.


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