Friday, May 20, 2011

Stay in School

So we hear of these programs daily, increase kids self esteem, get kids to go to college, or at least not drop out of high school, and we think "oh, what a wonderful program." Well by we I mean you because I do not think that I think, what is all this banter about getting kids to go after their dreams. I am defiantly a dreamer, I mean I am 24 haven't played more then a smattering of hockey over the past 5 years and yet I am still convinced if I put my mind to it I could be in the NHL, so that either makes me a dreamer or delusional, but in the end are they usually the same thing anyways?
I don't think robots have to go to school, they learned English via the internet, I think they are good.

Are methodology on raising children these days seems to be based on the philosophy of Lady Gaga, "My mama told me, when I was young, we're all born superstars." Everyone thinks their child is so much smarter, cuter and just altogether better then every other child. Unfortunately it is mathematically impossible for every baby to be better then the average baby.
Oh, and just because you have a baby doesn't make you special, so get out of my way and go think preforming a basic biological act makes you superior somewhere else.
So my comments to the idealist who believe that everyone should go to college and then become CEO's or Pop Stars or whatever it is that idealists believe will happen once every kid goes off to college. Which leads me to my main point if everybody goes to college, then the point of college is diminished, I went to college to get a leg up on those who did not go to college, and so did you Idealist. The most ironic part of this all is that the same people advocating the stay in school mentality are doing so with the added benefit of increasing their own options after college, or down the road in life. We compete for grades, for internships, for jobs, for basically everything in life, so exactly with is the concept between encouraging more people to go to college? Do you enjoy knowing that the more people who get a degree the less valuable yours becomes?

Plus not everyone needs to go to college, even if Hollywood says so.
Go to college so you can have corporate enthusiasm too!
And while we are on it, charities. Specifically charities whose goal it is to raise money for research into a cure. I will by pass the obvious statement that most of the money raised by these events goes into organizing more of these events and is thus nothing more then just a feel good opportunity for those involves.
What is the correlation between walking and curing disease? Can't you just have a Cancer Video Game Tournament and stop holding up traffic!

The idea is we raise money to fund research to find a cure, which if found is then owned by a pharmaceutical company who will charge ass loads of money and make billions in profit. This makes about as much sense as paying someone to figure out what foods you like and then paying them again for the privilege of eating said foods. My point is Pharmaceutical companies have all the incentive in the world to find a cure (by cure I of course me life long necessity to purchase and repurchase their medicine to keep the aliment contained) so why are millions of dollars being donated by people to in essence pay for the research they would willingly pay for themselves? We should use that money, like some charities do, to directly help the victims and families of the victims of the diseaes.

OK, their was suppose to be a more comedic tilt to this whole article, that didn't happen. My points are still valid.

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