Friday, May 13, 2011

Technologically Jaded

We have hit an interesting time in the evolution of technology, a time when in mere days it seems that a technology goes from non-existence to commonplace. Just a couple years ago no one, besides maybe a smattering of business professionals with blackberries, had smart phones. Now 11-year-olds are texting their parents for a ride home from their iPhones. New technologies are being integrated into our daily lives on, well, a daily basis, and all without much notice, we adapt instantly and move on as if these things have existed since time immemorial.
Who needs faith when you can ask him directly.
I do not have an issue with advances in communication technology, it would be asinine for me to. I have a Droid, I use twitter, and obviously the rest of the internet, quite extensively. My point is that we have become uber-spoiled in this technological wonderscape. We are no longer amazed by anything, we pic up an Ipad or Xoom, for those of you, like myself, who are strictly anti-apple, and we don't think "Gee willikers this is incredible, Agnus have you seen this thing, pure amazing." No we are more likely to be in the mind set of, "wait, it doesn't support flash? It's only 3G, WTF is this 2008, get back to me when your device is ahead of it's time Steven."
"Someday I will rule all of Hipsterdom"
We have such high expectations, because well, we have seen so much change. I remember not using Google as a search site, not because I preferred another site, but because Google didn't exist! I used a site called, whose obvious fecal related pun somehow manage saunter pass my adolescent mind without so much as a second glance. I remember my moms first brick of a cell phone and playing snake on it, because my mom hated me and refused to by me a gameboy (at least that's what I was thinking at the time), the only time I got to enjoy the world handheld gaming was at the dentist office, which luckily seems to be the only thing I remember besides the fish.

I am still a little pissed at my mother for not allowing me to return to a dentist that used stuff dinosaurs as decor. And it's good to see they still have Gameboys.
But I digress, so we will return to 2011 and the age of never being surprised or even more than novelly amused by a technology the government would have labeled top secret less then a decade before. The lack of amazement seems unfortunate, as does the isn't integration. I don't remember seeing my first smart phone, I don't even recall when the switch happened. My father tells me stories of how he remembers the first family to get a television on his block, as does Bill Bryson in his memoir The Thunderbolt Kid. Our generation won't have those moments, because it all happens so fast and the most amazing feats of technology are met with a unanimous cry of "Better, Stronger, Faster...NOW!"
"What a slut! I can see her knee cap!"
I am not a reveler in "the good ol' days" and that is not what I am advocating here. I am simply sharing my astounded observation at how greedy and spoiled we have become when it comes to our technology. And maybe even worse yet, how willingly we are to just chance the next "cool" device, without question whether it is necessary. So let's just all be look around and be amazed at the world we live in, the technology in our houses, on our desks and in our pockets, because one moment of nostalgia is all it takes to realize that the reality we live in to day is much different then the reality of just a couple years ago.
I fear their is some self fulfilling prophecy in making all the devices seem sentient and angry, or is that a sphincter?


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