Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where did all the good men go?

"Where did all the good men go?"

How many times have you heard this line, its a main stay of rom-com's is said by approximately 93% of single and 92% of non-single females daily, and in case those examples were to subtle Jennifer Hudson wrote a song with the question as its title.
She either answered her own question of just gave up trying.
So do I have an answer to the question? Not a precise answer but I have my theories, and because I feel that my thoughts are worth your time I will list these theories now. 

The Good Ol' Days
This question is but one in a long line of quarries that assumes that the world as we know it isn't as good as the world that once was. And of course that is where the main issue lies, men didn't use to be better at being men. Maybe they didn't were so much makeup and wear skinny jeans, but in general I would have to argue that men as a whole treat women a hell of a lot better. In fact in many relationships in the modern world the two halves are basically equals in making all sorts of decisions and splitting responsibilities. So to the women out their who think all the good men have vanished and all that is left are scumbags and players, I say drop out of high-school pop out some kids in your late teens early 20's and make sure my fucking dinner is on the table by 6:30 every night. Don't question me when I stay out all night and come home all disheveled and covered in glitter, and get your ass out of bed and make me a sandwich. 
And you better smile the whole damn time! And heels!

The Monster You Created
Was Frankenstein a metaphor for something? I think so, but I don't know what, and I haven't eaten lunch yet so I don't have the energy to Google that shit.

Girls like jerks, everyone knows this. I know some girl out their is screaming "NOT ALL GIRLS!" and this girl is of course just lying. ALL girls like assholes, its seems instinctual, just like guys love stupid girls, don't ask me why I am just reporting my observation of humanity. So "where did all the good men go," you ask, well honey they are out their sitting behind a computer screen not bothering to put themselves out their because all you would do is ignore him and ultimately end up sleeping with his scumbag older brother. So he spends his time doing things he enjoy rather then being dragged through the mud of emotions you will put him through well you look for "Mr. Right Now."
Or if you're adverse to reading this picture sums up the issues presented above.
Stop Looking So Hard
If you are trying so hard to find Mr. Right you are probably tainting your results with over reading ever little fucking detail. This may be the oldest adage in the dating world, "you won't find what your looking for until you stop looking," stop and realize that Mr. Right-for-you probably isn't going to fit the proto-type idea you have for him in your head. So open your eyes and try to just let it happen and I am betting that you'll find the man you never knew you were looking for and if not at least you won't turn into a bitter old cat lady, which in turn means you will stay marketable.

You don't need to force a relationship either, if you are searching the opposite sex for a mate and have you eyes set on the goal only you are either going to be too picky, and pass over a great guy, or not picky enough and try to make a relationship work that just isn't meant to be. The latter will only result in wasting your time and potentially missing the opportunities to find the right guy when he appears.

Apparently I now give relationship advice. Hopefully it helps, I am sure above all else that it is just one of hundreds of articles that say the same shit. And that brings me to quote that will once again allow you all to question my sexuality,

“Every woman has the exact love life she wants.”  -Nick Mercer, The Wedding Date

And now I am going to go watch hockey and drink beer and maybe lift some weights in an effort to remove the layer of femininity that currently covers my body.
Ah! Manly stuff!


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