Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Greatest Idea (that I didn't come up with)

Baby Banning is a new movement slowly creeping its way across the nation, nay, the world. Due to the growing economic influence of childless couples and singles, businesses are starting to enact policies which prohibit children. This trend is obviously catching some flack, mainly from parents of young children, who already think that, because they are caring for the future generation of cubicle drones, they deserve special privledges.

Most of the places current enforcing or considering a Baby Ban are upscale entertainment options, however the idea seems to be getting a thoughtful nod from some less obvious places. Restaurants are  some of the most prevalent issuers of the policy, and why not is their anything more annoying than a child throwing a tantrum, only for the parent to sit their oblivious that their offspring is disturbing everyone else in the facility. Movie Theaters also seem to be found of the idea, again nothing ruins a movie quicker than a obnoxious child, except maybe the 14 people texting at any given moment (two reasons I haven't set foot in a cinema in over a year).

Every childless adult seems to be very pleased with the idea of a Baby Ban and considering the amount of money many yet-to-reproduce adults have, businesses are listening. The parents with young children are not taking this well because they are being treated like a smoker in 2005. However, it must be noted that parents with young children have a tendency to feel like the world should cater to their every whim because they are raising the next superstar or rocket scientist, so anything they feel or think should be written off as delusional at best.

Learn to control your children and than maybe (but probably not) I will give a hoot (seriously I still won't but control the little fucker).

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