Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I recently was asked by a friend to write them an itinerary of things to do in Rome. Things that are not listed in the tourism books. So I compiled this list of Tips and My Top Ten, Some of the things are indeed main tourist attraction, such as The Via Condotti, however I was writing with my friend interests in mind so I was required to point out where the high end shopping was.

That being said this list is a bit messy as it was more of a compilation of notes rather then a fully formed article. I have, however, added pictures for your enjoyment, they are all mine, save for the one of Tartufo.

At the bottom of the article I have put a map of Rome which has markers referring to the listed items, so please use that for guidance, and please feel free to share any of your Rome stories in the comment section. 

My Top Ten
1. Tre Scalini- Best gelato in the world. My opinion and the view of Lonely Planet travel guide.    But you MUST get the Tartufo, they invented the dish and don't bother getting it anywhere else.

   If you like chocolate you will probably find yourself getting this dessert a few times a day

2. La Fraschetta - Try the Salami pizza, or any pasta dish. Also the  caprese con pomodori e Mozzarella di bufala (simply bufala mozzarella, tomatoes and (sometimes) fresh basil) be sure to order in season.  

3. Villa Borghese gardens and Galleria Borghese- A beautiful park with some old temples strewn throughout the gardens.
The 19th century "Temple of Aesculapius," in Villa Borghese, was built purely as a landscape feature.
   The museum is amazing and due to limited passes per day very quite (especially for a Rome tourist attraction). 
The Gardens are elevated giving spectacular views of Rome and Vatican City to the west.  
View over Rome from Villa Borghese

4. Vie Del Pie' Di Marmo- Small walk in pizza shop, don't remember the name. Only place I found that served Pepperoni (American style).