Thursday, September 22, 2011

...and away we go

Tomorrow we embark on our epic American adventure. By we of course I mean myself and Shaun Jewell, who you may have already been introduced to if you frequent the STMTZ blog.

I will be blogging the trip here at STMTZ and, time permitting, will also be writing the humorous articles you have all come to expect from me.

A lot of people have asked us why we are going on this trip, the truthful honest answer is "I don't know," it has been a long time since I have done anything worth mentioning and my philosophy is that life is about the stories you have to share. In other words I want my life to turn out something like the dad's in Big Fish, such a fantastically absurd life that my own children won't even believe me, but everyone else is captivated by the tales.

To finish out the W's:
Who: Myself, Shaun Jewell and a slew of guests, also in the back end of the trip we will be joined by Dylan Brann, who yes indeed wrote that book that is always being advertised on STMTZ.

What: A free-for-all journey across North America.

Where: Anywhere our hearts take us, or where someone will let us sleep on their floor!

When: throughout the next two months, although the only thing for sure is we leave tomorrow...TODAY, Sept 23rd 2011.

and How: my beautiful trusty 1999 Chevy Tracker, with 184,000 miles, she is a beauty and I trust you will see many pictures of her in the coming weeks.

So, I hope you all enjoy awesome pictures and stories because you'll be getting quite a dose of them over the coming months.