Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today is November 9th, at least for a couple more hours anyways, and you know what that means? I doubt it, but it is the one year birthday of!

A year ago I started this blog with no real direction, just a compilation of my thoughts and comics, mainly just because I was bored. Originally the site wasn't but That first month we had almost no views, but for some reason I kept on writing, talking to yourself seems a lot less weird when done on the internet. Somehow people started showing up, probably in search for free porn, and I continued to write.

We had the Bad Dyno comics, the super short lived GSB comics and the Hat and Glove comics, we had a series of attempts to add content. And than the article 2011 was written and was a hit, instantly our numbers grew and had a direction. Since then our viewership has grown from hundred to tens of thousands and I would like to thank everyone for stopping by, reading, coming back, and sharing links.

So please keep pushing that like button at the bottom of articles, tweeting links to the posts and telling your friends. Maybe we can cross 1million views per month by next year!


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