Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks Giving

It is almost Thanksgiving, the holiday that last year I declared the "Best of All Holiday." I still stand by that declaration, having gone through the full gamut of holiday's over the past 365 days. This year I want to do something different than just profess my love for all things turkey, I want to use this holidays namesake as a platform to acknowledge all of those who have help become what it is today.
Here is a picture from the past. 1. because I am lazy 2. because 99% of you weren't here last year, so it's new to you. 
Just over a year ago, on November 9th 2010, was born, actually it was called StMetzish during those early days. It was just me writing blog entry after blog entry to myself, even my mom couldn't be bothered to stop by and read my ramblings. Due to an inflated sense of self worth I continued to write, knowing that my thoughts were exactly what the world needed to read. The viewership went up and we started gaining followers, very very slowly.

Eventually the website found itself, and began to have some sort of coherence. The structure allowed for the followers and visits to flourish. I can still remember celebrating a day with 10 hits, now we get more than that every minute, and that is where I want to start.

Thank you to everyone who comes to the site, reads and especially comments. A huge Thank you to everyone that takes the time to share a post or the site on their facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social platform. Without you guys I would still be talking to myself, and honestly I would have stopped writing altogether. So again Thank You and continue to stop by and hang out and invite your friends, family and hell even your arch nemesis.  

Luckily this site has been able to generate some income, however miniscule that may be, and I am not going to lie that I would love for my blog to flourish to the point I could write for ya'll 24/7. So on that note...

Thank You to all my advertisers, I am specifically talking to everyone in the Project Wonderful family, who come back time after time to spend money to advertise on STMTZ. Nearly all of these advertisers are guys, and gals, like myself trying to just spread their creative wings on the internet. So to all my readers, please click on the ads if they seem interesting (note: I do NOT get paid per click, so this is not just me trying to get money). I try to stop by these advertisers as much as possible and have found some awesome sites, so go check them out.

And if you want to advertise on STMTZ just go to Project Wonderful, sign up and start advertising!

I went through some other advertisers over the past year, most just didn't turn enough profit and some (cough*googleadsense*cough) just flat out suck. When I found Project Wonderful I was elated at the entire model, so if you have your own site I encourage you to check them out.

I would also like to thank Amazon, they also have been very good to me over the past year, in fact they are the only advertiser I have stuck with for the entire duration of the site. I don't have too much to say about them, so I will just say Thank You for not sucking!

*Shameless plug*
  And you can also pick up my friend, and one time contributor to STMTZ, Dylan Brann's first novel "Lifeline" for the kindle on Amazon.

And I guess that is all!

Thank You to everyone who made this year possible, by reading, commenting, "liking" and sharing, and please continue to do so in the future.

This is your present, A picture of a dynoTurkey, or a Turkdyno, whichever seems funnier to you. And remember that no one else gave you a Thanksgiving present.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying success with your blog. I've taken a liking to it, and will continue to return.

    I've got a small following with mine, but I don't really promote it either. Just something I enjoy doing.

    Also, I'm quite envious of your mad paint skillz.