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Quantum Physics

Thing's that confuse me (the short list) ...continued

Why do people purchase things they know make them look stupid. i.e. crocs, snuggies, leashes for their children.

Have we hit the point of being so apathetic that this is not embarrassing?

It's pictures like the one above that make you think, "she hasn't killed herself?" "yet hundreds of people with bonding potential do?" It may be this thought alone that spawned the phrase...WHAT...THE...FUCK!

How come if you have a negative opinion of someone, especially famous people, then you are labeled as jealous of said person. Even when stating facts, like Charlie Sheen being crazy, Lady Gaga having a penis or Chris Brown being a women beater? Just writing that sentence means I am jealous of the above cast of characters.

Is their a lazier name for anything then an Orange? I mean going by that logic we should also have something called a yellow, a red, a green, a purple, a blue (let's see...humm...Banana, Apple, Grape, Eggplant and a blueberry). Seriously was the guy who was put in charge of fruit naming on that day out sick and some toddler had to make the name? You could call it anything...I propose a Palpero, it makes sense because oranges have palp and ero because umm...ut sounded good, I would eat a Palpero, plus it sounds spanish and oranges and spain have a pretty sexy history.
Pictured above: Palpero

If you are brown and a bear you are a Brown Bear, if you are a dog you are a Chocolate lab, if you are human and have brown hair you are Brunette, but if you have brown skin you are Black or, if lighter brown, Red (as in Indians...both American and Indian..Indians).

If you are a dog and have Yellow hair you are either a Yellow lab or Golden Retriever, if your human you are blonde, if you are yellow skinned you are from asia?

I am starting to suspect the racial color scheme is inaccurate.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Dream

Educational Opportunities

If you have watched a movie involving college kids, sports, or dead babysitters then you have witness the ridiculous lengths these movies go to explain that "getting an education" is the most important thing in life. Education is indeed important but these movies seem to just glaze right over some glaring facts about why the protagonist would be better off skipping the education in favor of the obvious opportunities that have been presented to them.

Almost every movie involving a stand out high school athlete starting their first year of success on the field/court inevitably has the scene where the athlete is considering entering the professional ranks, and just as inevitably a voice of wisdom comes along to tell them all the reasons they should finish out the collegiate career. Many of these reasons are legit, such as continue to develop as an athlete and make yourself a better prospect, but one reason that is without fail always presented is that said athlete should stay in college and get an education.
If he would have just got the B.A. in Horticulture he would know how to maintain those hedges!
Here is the main issue with this concept, these athlete's are never just some bench warmer hoping to get picked in a late round, they are the stars of the team, projected to go early first round. But for arguments sake let's say our athlete gets picked late, cause we wouldn't want to state the obvious multi-million dollar signing bonuses of first round picks. The MINIMUM yearly salary of a first year NBA player is nearly $500,000, which goes up to over $750,000 their second year. NFL minimum (as of now before the new agreement) is nearly $300,000 for a rookie over $350,000 for their second year. (Both of these number continue to increase each year the player is in their respective league.)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that should be tweets!

Am I the only one who misses Hilary Duff?

Is it irony that all my bills revolve around the ability to be a productive employee? Like I wouldn't need transportation if I didn't have a job, and I went to college to get a better job, but all the shit costs me money.

If I am ever homeless, I plan on robbing banks, I mean I either get money to live off of, or I go to jail and get housing and food...and sex...

I think I just listened to the same song (Houston Calls-The Oaks on Price Street) about 35 times on repeat, but I can't be sure...YouTube should track this stuff.

Yay! Cracker Jacks!

Why is that coew staring at me? WHY!!!!
No MORE CRACKER JACKS!!!!...nevermind found another pack...phewwwy!
Shouldn't I be writing well thought out articles about Miyosaki films or at the very least the little mermaid...nope cracker jacks and random thoughts is definitely an easier way to pad the blog with extra "content."

I saw this on the highway today...unfortunately I never had the thought "hey keep your camera on you in case the ghostbuster mobile drives by you on the highway." and I feel stupid for missing that opportunity.

Rich People Suck

40% of MILLIONAIRES don't feel RICH! No seriously some scientists spent time and money to figure this out and further infuriate the non-millionaires among us (my longest link ever?...Why Yes!). It worked by the way, the comments section of the article proves that indeed those findings piss people off. While most of us struggle to just get back to zero, with mountains of debt that will probably follow us for the rest of our lives, millionaires have apparently set the bar higher for themselves. Now I am not saying that striving to make more money is wrong, or that someone should limit themselves to being a millionaire and then instantly quitting and just live off the money. No, I am just saying accept the fact that you are RICH, you have more money in investable assets then a typical American will make in their life time. (over an adult's working life, high school graduates can expect, on average, to earn $1.2 million; those with a bachelor's degree, $2.1 million; and people with a master's degree, $2.5 million. While the average person in the study had a value of $3.5 Million).
We only have 16 rooms and no guest house, where are my wife's parents suppose to stay, I feel like that pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

If you expected me to continue talking about the rich and their problems you are wrong, not for lack of trying, just for lack of anything constructive to say other then, GO FUCK YOURSELF "Not" rich people.

On an unrelated note, 1 in 4 children go to bed AMERICA, every night.

However, 1 in 5 American children are obese, because apparently in America we only do things to the extreme.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dumb Thoughts

Oh Snap!

What has happened to us? 

a lot of you are probably riddling off reasons in your head as to why I would pose this question, does it have to do with the way we over protect children to the point of wussification, or maybe it has to do with our undying need to purchase ridiculous amounts of useless consumer appliances? Perhaps even the decay of our social skills as we travel the internet in search of someone to mate with. All of these do beg the question "What has happened to us," but they are not my topic of frustration for today. No, today I turn a critical eye on my dear companion and friend the camera.

I for no particular reason assume you guys all know that I am a photographer, and I actually use to make money from it, and have one of those silly pieces of paper from Penn State saying something to the effect of "this man is capable of pushing a button, well still being able to withhold his thumb from entering the frame," so all in all I feel my claim is more significant then that 16 year old girl with her D90.
It's black and white so it must be good.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Science and religion have long been at odds, usually unnecessarily, in this battle science has been prevailing a lot lately, with all their proof and supporting evidence. But the tables are about to turn, not because people will flee sciences empty teaching, but because science and the way we think about science is changing. Science has spent most of the past, oh forever, proving or disproving hypothesis, many of these results led to a butting of heads with the religious institutions, as some of the evidence that was presented seem to contradict the teachings, and therefore the foundations, of the church itself. But science has changed, science has moved on from trying to understand the world to trying to manipulate the world. This is not inherently a bad or good thing as with every new technology the essence of evil lays in the hands of the users, not within the membrane of the device.

Ray Kurzweil, who is apparently some guy who should be taken seriously,
I assume the true nature of his power lies in those cat book ends. 
according to some journalist who I have never heard of who works for a magazine that sounds like it contains pictures of naked women (Rocco Castoro, Vice Magazine Senior Editor). Kurzweil stats that by the year 2050 we will have reached the singularity, which sometime in the last month changed it's meaning from something to do with black-hole's to robots, because coming up with new words is too hard. 

According to wikipedia- technological singularity is a hypothetical event occurring when technological progress becomes so rapid that it makes the future after the singularity qualitatively different and harder to predict. 

In terms we can all relate to this is when the computers take over. Yes, you're not mistaken that their are a slew of movies, very very popular movies, all based on this notion and that this guy actually gets paid. I assume he sits around rewriting terminator movies with less Arnold, because time travel is illogical. 
Relevant picture.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time Travel

Tupac- Changes AND DMX- Ruff Ryders' Anthem

So you know what it is? Throwback Thursday!!! And yes we did skip it last week, so this week we bring you two songs!!! Apparently B! is on rap kick. So here you go...ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lifeline By: Dylan Brann

Hello there everyone, today I am just going to come right out and advertise to you. Our dear friend Dylan Brann has released his first novel. It is available for purchase as an e-book on amazon
Here is the link Lifeline By: Dylan Brann
You will be hearing more from Dylan Brann on in the future, the very near future.

Thank You


Pop Music 2

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Viral Music Videos

I don't get around to watching many music videos, so maybe this is a longer trend then I am aware of, but are all music videos being produced as elaborate expensive viral videos? Both Kesha's "Blow" and Gaga's "Born this Way" have unicorns in their videos. Britney's "Hold it Against Me" video seems like some sort of distorted nightmare/advertisement. So are these videos evidence of a change in way we digest entertainment. Have the internet viral videos become the default for music videos, and does this mean we will soon see entire movies based on the concept of amateur obnoxiousness?
A Unicorn, butterfly, human hybrid. I must admit I am intrigued.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sourcing Platypi

~Did you know that Platypuses (or Platypi, or just Playtypus)
find their pray using electrolocation, meaning they are able to sense the electric pulses of their preys  muscle contractions. Yes, you should start building a statue to our Playpi (least technically correct, but definetly coolest sounding) Masters. ~
Look at the pure evil exuding in bubble form from his rump.
 What was the point of that as the intro? To explain that things you thought were weird to begin with only get weirder when you bother to read their Wikipedia page. Do professors still tout that one should not use Wikipedia as a source for their papers? And if so, has every student not already discovered that you can just use Wikipedia and then use the listed citations in your paper to circumvent the restriction? And is it just now that I finally came up with a topic to write about? Who knows...

Sourcing is important to any legit argument, you would, I hope, trust something you read in Time Magazine over something you found in The National Enquirer. With the advent of the internet people have flocked to Google for any question they needed an answer for and took whatever came up first as the truth. In most cases this works just fine, because in most cases people are looking for concrete answers such as "when did 2 1/2 men first air" (Sept 22nd 2003) or "where can I find the Kardashian sex tape" (you can Google that yourself pervert). But sometimes their is a larger gray area. It's when we get into these gray areas that we need to consider the sources of our information. So here are some things to considered in order to better tone your rhetoric muscle*.

Night at the Movies

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yearbook Superstars: Part 2

So I believe I alluded to adding more Yearbook Superstars, and unlike all the promises I have yet to keep I have for some reason decided that I would keep this one. So without further ado, Yearbook Superstars: Part Dos.

The Gist: This person is so incredibility nice they would give a smelly stranger their sweater in an ice storm, because to do anything else would be just plain wrong. They are super quiet because they don't need much attention, they just like thinking of the world as a calm peaceful place where everyone should get along, and they love acoustic guitars and sticking their toes in the sand on a warm summer night.
I would Cuddle with this tiger ALL DAY!...ALLLLL DAYYY!! (extra constants means I am fo' real)
Reality: Upon entering the real world they are instantly subjected to realization that everything sucks, they attempt to change everything for the better only to learn that being sweet means you get walked all over. After about 16 years of failed relationships and a career that went stagnate three presidents ago they become enraged, unable to deal with these feelings of hate and resentment like normal people, by throwing a stapler through the nearest wall and telling Becky that no one respects a fat coew who meddles in everyone's business (oh golly where did that come from), they internalize these feelings with a large assortment of cats and tubs of Ben and Jerry's. 

Most Academic
The Gist: This person spends more time reading then sleeping, eating, masturbating and playing videos games combined, (an obvious deviation from your life because those activities take up around 23hours and 17 minutes a day). They think that learning is fun, and not learning about dinosaurs or the mis on scene of the latest Batman movie, but learning about stupid things like world leaders and foreign relations.