Wednesday, January 18, 2012

24 Long Hours

What was I thinking! 24hrs without the internet, and yes the moment the clock struck midnight I am back on writing this! I am officially addicted to the internet, especially my twitter feed! I spent all day fighting the urge to read my twitter, tweet or just plan google information. under the rules of my fast I was not allowed to use the internet for any purpose, so even finding out the score of the Sabres game became a hassle for me. But I am back, and have my fix, and more importantly the House and Senate is looking long and hard at the ramifications of the SOPA/PIPA, so the message was made today.

Thank you to anyone who wrote or contacted their representation and voiced their concerns about the bills possible consequences, it looks as of now that the bill is dead in the water! And the internet can claim it's first unified victory.

It was unapparent to me how much I used the internet and its offspring (phone apps, twitter feeds) until today when I consciously made the effort to stay off the grid, as it were. I have to say I am happy to be back and eager to catch back up on all the crap I missed, maybe I'll even watch some Netflix just to increase my online hours this week.

If you care I distracted myself from lack of internet by working on my piano lessons, some extra time at the gym, and an excessive amount of texting, needless to say a world of mine without internet would probably result in me getting more done and being in better shape. However, I love my home here on the internet, my friends, my stuff, and the vast array of garbage I have yet to uncover....
....and of course the tigers! The Beautiful wonderful Tigers!
So do NOT expect me to be pulling any stunts like this again, as I have officially worn my metaphorical dent in the cushions of the internet.

So Internet know that I love you and never want anyone to hurt you...and thank you to all those who worked today and the days prior and from here on out to stop anyone from hurting our dearest friend the internet...

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