Thursday, October 18, 2012

Words With Friends

I am addicted to "Words with Friends," a scrabblesque game that you play with your friends on your phone, computer or tablet. I enjoy the game because it allows me to play when I have time, which is at a premium under my current four jobs. It also doesn't take terribly long to play a turn, usually not much longer than it takes to send a text, which allows me to play many of my turns at work without obstructing my productivity.

As I have played words with friends I have come across a series of words, that while I have never heard, nor do I know there meaning or proper usage, come very in handy during an intense game of words with friends.
I have decided to compile what I have experienced are the Top Ten Words with Friends that I don't know the meaning of, and supply the meaning. Once you read this list you will have an arsenal of ten additional words for which you can answer the questions, "What does that even mean?"

10. JIN
A dynasty that ruled China ad 265–420, commonly divided into Western Jin (265–317) and Eastern Jin (317–420).

This word is very useful for relizing yourself of that pesky "J" and due to the "J's" placement at the beginning of the word, it is frequently able to be placed on top of a special block.

9. LOX
Smoked salmon.

I have actually heard this word before, but it is infrequently used and I have only heard it in reference to bagels with smoked salmon.

8. VUG 
A cavity in rock, lined with mineral crystals.

I am sure most geologists know this word.

A laugh, esp. a loud hearty one.

This 4 letter word is worth 11 points on its own, if used in combos, (Y and S are great for this) and/or with special tiles this word can score you a significant amount of points.

6. KAS 
A large cabinet of the 17th and 18th centuries, having two doors and often a number of drawers at the bottom, and usually having an elaborately painted or carved decoration with a heavy cornice.

5. AA
Basaltic lava forming very rough jagged masses with a light frothy texture.

Another word you can thank geologists for. This is a very lustful word to have when you are trying to make combinations of words. 

4. DEV

The definition of this one seems to be lacking, but the word is acceptable in Words with Friends. Useful for dumping off a "V" on a DL or TL.

3. XIS
The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet

It can be difficult to rid yourself of an "X" but this word will help you get the 8 points for "X" instead of wasting a turn swapping letters. Also useful is "AX," or the singular "XI."

2. YOUS 
Plural of you 

I always assumed this was a slang term, and the internet seems to concur, but none the less it is acceptable to play, and adds a 4th letter to "YOU" which may help you land on a DW or TW or even create a combo.  

1. QI 
The circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

I found this to be the most common word used in Words with Friends that most people don't know the definition of. But they in fact have most likely heard the term, as it pronounced "CHEE"

The next time you are playing look for these little helper words, and remember to always try for special tiles and combinations. 

Word with Friends has forced me to learn new words, and my curiosity, along with not wanting to look stupid, has led me to look up the definitions of words played by my competitors, and admittedly even myself.

If you would like to play me find me on Words with Friends, username: ST3INMETZ.


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